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19-02-2018 05:36
just copy it into notepad

19-02-2018 04:16
@Spazbo4, can you message me that description, I don't want to write it again lol

19-02-2018 03:21
@johtto we don't do screenshots like that for games anymore, submit the info again with just a screenshot of 1 image of the game

01-02-2018 20:51
says nobody ever.

31-01-2018 20:27

31-01-2018 14:20
yeah but who got the youtube Silver Play Button award after it surpassed 100k subs?

31-01-2018 03:13
yeah lets see if we can get to 1 Million.

30-01-2018 20:43
World of Longplays total number of subscribers reached 600,000 subs Smile

26-01-2018 10:24
Thanks,Just handhelds from sony, sega & nintendo Smile

25-01-2018 23:55
silross88: ill try to add it Feb1st

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Started: 01.02.18

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Downloads: Ds Diner Directors Cut
Downloads Home > 3DO > Ds Diner Directors Cut

Ds Diner Directors Cut

D is a horror adventure released by Warp for 3DO in 1995.
Due to its huge success in japan, the game was ported over to Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation and PC.

Later that year, a special edition was released as D's Diner Director's Cut for 3DO that features trailers for the game, a "sound novel" that tells the history of Laura's family and the soundtrack of the game on MiniDisc. The game itself had several new scenes added to this Director's Cut edition. But unfortunately it was only released in japan.

This longplay features the game with the best ending. To get this ending, you have to kill your father, and find all four scarab beetles during the game. You're then rewarded with a crying baby, and a trailer for the never released sequel D2 for Panasonic 3DO M2.

I also added the bad ending to the end of this video.


January 26 2012 11:36:59
Download 824
Length 01:14:05
Language English

Download (right click save as):
Kiyogames on February 28 2015 03:50:30

Dreamcast has been release too. But Publisher is Warp Corporation
not Acclaim

Charlieoneeyed on July 17 2015 20:43:04

THank you sooo much, I remember this from my childhood. So awesome. Feel free to do more 3DO long plays Wink

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