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19-02-2018 05:36
just copy it into notepad

19-02-2018 04:16
@Spazbo4, can you message me that description, I don't want to write it again lol

19-02-2018 03:21
@johtto we don't do screenshots like that for games anymore, submit the info again with just a screenshot of 1 image of the game

01-02-2018 20:51
says nobody ever.

31-01-2018 20:27

31-01-2018 14:20
yeah but who got the youtube Silver Play Button award after it surpassed 100k subs?

31-01-2018 03:13
yeah lets see if we can get to 1 Million.

30-01-2018 20:43
World of Longplays total number of subscribers reached 600,000 subs Smile

26-01-2018 10:24
Thanks,Just handhelds from sony, sega & nintendo Smile

25-01-2018 23:55
silross88: ill try to add it Feb1st

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Downloads: Rise of the Robots
Downloads Home > 3DO > Rise of the Robots

Rise of the Robots

This video contains two complete runs of the game on Hard difficulty setting. The first run uses the English Intro - Techno soundtrack of the game. The second run uses Brian May's soundtrack to the game.

This version is perhaps the most unique as it uses slightly different cut scenes to the other versions. Its also the easiest of them all to finish even though you have to play through Hard mode twice (Same as medium on Amiga/PC version). Brian May's music is used on the CD-I version I believe. The hardest battle is the final boss as you would expect. In this version if you let her get one move out she will go after you and you cant block her attacks. Thankfully this version also add Continue support which came in handy.

The 3DO devs seem to have gone a bit overboard with video compression so all the cut scenes look grainy/blocky by design. The controls are also very odd in that A,B or C all perform the same function, Punch. You have to hold Shoulder L + A,B or C in order to kick. I cant think of a reason why the developers neglected to have any kind of soundtrack in the background while fighting as im sure the 3do would have been capable of having music+fx.

Technical: The 3DO Emulator - 4DO was used to play the game and Camtasia was used to capture. The Game was entirely 640x480. I don't know if the original 3DO is using this resolution, but there are no scaling options in the emu and no filters enabled. save states were used, and caused a couple of editing errors, noticeable during fight 2 of the english versio.

Now for some Timestamps:-

00:00 - First Run - English Intro + Techno soundtrack by Fuzzy/Clownfactory
28:55 - Listen to the Full techno soundtrack by Fuzzy/Clownfactory

00:00 - Second run - Using Brian May Soundtrack
28:00 - Full Brian May - Resurrection Soundtrack
32:55 - All Death scenes


May 18 2012 15:35:49
Download 816
Length 00:34:23
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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