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14-01-2017 20:37
People are so whiny these days. Who the fuck is racing? Anyways, back to recording my way. WOL STYLE! (a) <-- there's always that because that's SMRT.

14-01-2017 20:28
No shit! It's not your personal playground either. Im doing it my way not that way YOU think it should be done. See the difference? Its never about you. Don't talk to people in that manner

14-01-2017 15:19
I have uploaded lion king 2 for PS1. The cutscenes might be copyrighted for YT

14-01-2017 02:28
You have your Youtube channel for doing things your way. WoL is not your personal playground, there are guidelines to follow and a brand of quality to support.

13-01-2017 17:18
Thanks for the advise. Yes Matt i always do that. I'm doing the longplays MY way not what people think i should play it. BTW My Decision May Vary.

13-01-2017 15:04
Has anyone watched the Switch Presentation?

13-01-2017 10:09
Maker sure you use the 64bit build of bizhawk if you are going to record SegaCD version else you will have sync issues.

13-01-2017 08:35
Sheesh! talk about discouragement i had plans and here this guy is claiming they own the right to the games they buy.>_>

13-01-2017 08:19
No shit sherlock. I know how to play.Completion or not is not up to you. Since you're not ENTITLED to them.

13-01-2017 07:16
That would be detrimental to their quality. If you insist on doing them, then I suggest you do them well and not rush recording. You are doing this for a museum, not for a race.

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