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23-07-2018 02:02
Happy now? Wink

22-07-2018 17:37
@Nintendo-Box Same at me, the complete 2018 has no one GBC longplay, wait for the next YT Schedule Updates.

22-07-2018 17:21
That's what i thought, you better change it back to World of Longplays.

22-07-2018 12:39
When we will see new gbc longplays on YT?

21-07-2018 18:35
Who is cubix25? Wink

16-07-2018 23:43
@Liquadox76567 yes when uploading scheduling wasn't a thing and thensome.

16-07-2018 22:31
they get released when people have time to check them

16-07-2018 17:01
@Darius320 My GBC Pokemon Silver needs 4 years!!!!

16-07-2018 16:26
I remember the old days of cubix25

16-07-2018 14:56
Okay, so when new longplays get added to WoL, they get posted to YT within two years. Am I right or wrong?

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Downloads: Snoopy in "The Case of the Missing Blanket"
Downloads Home > Amiga CDTV > Snoopy in "The Case of the Missing Blanket"

Snoopy in "The Case of the Missing Blanket"

I did everything I could, except taking the blanket out of the locker, which I can't because there are two blankets in the game, once you got hold of one, you can't get the other.

There are still items left, wonder where they are needed.

I first did a test run through the game before recording, and the first time I filled the kiddie pool the stream was visible, but when I recorded it ended up behind the pool. This game has depth problems with many things.

This is the CDTV version and the differences between the CD and floppy versions are - the CD version has ingame music and some speech, the floppy version doesn't. Maybe theirs some other differences as well, dunno... those are the two major ones anyway.


January 01 2014 11:37:36
Download 432
Length 00:19:35
Language English

Download (right click save as):
Charlieoneeyed on April 22 2015 10:22:04

Thanks, Can't wait to watch!

Mariofan98 on February 13 2016 00:54:50

I can't watch the video on YT in germany because GEMA.

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