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25-07-2017 08:36

22-07-2017 17:54
Its because the file path is too long. Its all Valis77s fault .. Wink

22-07-2017 15:30
@ungulwaiter they have it just takes a looong while to process it.

22-07-2017 15:09
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dream and Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter for the Saturn have 'file not found' pages

22-07-2017 05:11
do you use a browser to upload to the archive? i just use filezilla to do it

21-07-2017 10:11
Does anyone know why if I upload large files to archive, it just freezes after some time. Even if I split them in two smaller files it uploads one, and freezes on another

19-07-2017 08:50
Sorry, my bad. Forgot to verify the permissions on the disk. Works fine now, though.

19-07-2017 01:23
i doubt it, unless the ftp server is still hooked up to the old hdd that connor has

18-07-2017 21:19
FTP full again?

16-07-2017 14:00
The file will sort it self out in a little while due to a file number change

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Started: 01.07.17

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Downloads: Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows
Downloads Home > Amiga CDTV > Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows

Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows


This game did it right with the colors this time, but not The Case of the Cautious Condor ( Many more colors used and in a proper way too.

The game can be completed in just a few minutes by clicking on the "SOLVE" portrait (the middle one) on the map screen straight from the start, then click on correct two people, but then of course you would have no idea what was going on Smile There are SO many more scenes and fun stuff not showed, as the game has to be replayed several times to see them all.

This game also has CD music tracks, which unfortunately are not played much. You hear the first track fully in the very beginning, then there's random ones on the map screen, which you most of the time won't even hear a second of/from because WinUAE doesn't play CD tracks immediately when a screen has loaded (but it does in the PC version). Not even though it's an ISO and not an actual CD (which could need to to spin up and stuff). Then there's one playing on the two screens (01:18:18/01:19:03) where I have to select people (I delayed a little bit on those screens so we got to hear a bit from it). As we didn't get to hear most of them in their entirety, I added all of them at the end of the video, starting from track 2 of course.

I find the volume of the game very low, while the CD music is in an OK volume. Both of these could be adjusted in the emulator, but kept it on their defaults, which actually was 100% on both. Might encode a new version later where I increase the ingame sound and keep the music as it is now, as I saw a recording by someone else on YouTube and the ingame (voices, etc) was much louder than it was for me when I played it. His seems to be from real hardware. This new version will be the downloadable one from World of Longplays.

I had A LOT of trouble recording this. Had to replay it to the end like 4 times! First of all, the game seems to require NTSC or it won't get to the first screen in the very beginning. But with NTSC, it won't play the CD track to the end. It cuts off like 3 seconds too early and then fires up the intro. So, I ran it on NTSC until it passed the check, then changed to NTSC right before the first part is being loaded, and it worked. The game now runs in PAL, and the CD track now plays all the way before it goes on to the intro (I could of course manually add it later instead and increase the length of the last image so it would appear it played all the way, but rather want it to do it correctly by itself). In the PC version when the lightning sound is played in the intro, the screen shows the lightning flashes. But in the CDTV version (at least in WinUAE), the sound came too late or early (forgot which now, but manually fixed it a little bit). Same with the dialogues throughout the game - they weren't as in sync with the images as the PC version was (sometimes they were, though). None of this mattered no matter what settings I used. And the sound during the dialogues are not CD tracks so I think they probably are like that on a real CDTV as well.

I had more sound issues later on. At 00:55:01-00:56:40, after she says "and", the sound stopped, but the game went on. The "SND: %" thingy in WinUAE went blank. I kept on playing and was gonna replay to that point again later to see if it works that time. Then later at 01:11:20 all the sound (except CD music tracks) where sped up like they were on helium. So I replayed the game to the same point (was a little bit faster to get there again as I used "Warp mode"Wink in case it was a temporary glitch, but nope, it happened again (same with the sound cutting off at 00:55:01). So I replayed it AGAIN, with PAL time and still the same problems. I took a look at the files as I wanted to listen to them to see if they played like that outside the game, but there were too many to go though, and those I listened to sounded alright (although not the ones I was looking for), so listening to them outside was no problem. Usually files can be in weird formats and just play like a scratched record or be compressed with some stuff.

So, I downloaded a longplay of the PC version and replaced the missing sound part + the helium parts with the PC version. Reduced the PC sound with 10dB as it was sooo much louder, so the volume is more in par now with the Amiga ones. Only had to replace the helium part from 01:11:20-01:17:42 as I could get the rest from simply clicking on the middle portrait on the map screen ("SOLVE" is the label of it), which jumps me to the 01:17:42 part. So, seems like the files might not be helium-glitchy, as this part isn't heliumized when jumping straight to it, only if I play from the beginning to that point.

All the above problems weren't the most frustrated ones.......

Aaaand out of description space. Will put a bit more in a comment below.


January 04 2017 15:25:23
Download 108
Length 01:39:14
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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