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21-04-2018 07:58
I kind of wish someone would submit long plays of both Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver PC Games as well as a Hot Wheels Crash! long play

19-04-2018 05:32
Mario it depends on the game. Most games usually 640x480 640x448 the in game itself will it will you what resolution it is.

18-04-2018 00:52
i used pixelpro for my resident evil longplay

17-04-2018 21:32
I had also an question about Saturn, which resolution mode must i use in Bizhawk für Saturn? i think it's not HardcoreDebug.

17-04-2018 03:30
just record the saturn game in bizhawk and crop any black borders and whatever that comes to should be fine, no need to double resolution i think

16-04-2018 22:54
not 4x !

16-04-2018 22:24
I've yet never tried a Saturn game Segafan. In Longplay submission requirements i see on Saturn only TODO Sad

16-04-2018 20:03
What is the correct resolution of a saturn video?

14-04-2018 23:52
Thanks before!

13-04-2018 21:08
Ok Andray we will get on the JELLEH BOI game!

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Started: 01.02.18

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Downloads: The Case of the Cautious Condor
Downloads Home > Amiga CDTV > The Case of the Cautious Condor

The Case of the Cautious Condor


A game I've been wanting to longplay for several years now. Finally I forced myself to do it (I don't like talk in games...). I will probably record Tiger Media's other game as well soon, it's called: Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows.

I only have 30 minutes to solve the case, so there's unfortunately not much time to play around and do stuff not needed to solve the case. There's a lot of more talk, screens, some comedy etc left in the game that I didn't show. I usually add stuff I find interesting at the end of the longplay that wasn't shown during, but only thing I thought was worth it was the alternative ending and game over parts.

The thing that annoys be about this game is the low amount of colors used. The PC version looks way better (used images from the lowres version. I know PC can play this game in higher res making it look even better). This CDTV version used most of the time around 14-19 colors, and rarely 22 (title screen and a few other places), which was the max number of colors I could find. Why so few? A lot of details gone that could have been included. I first thought they had to use few colors for each image, as they stack them on top of each other and need to have a palette that can account for each image so they all get the colors they need when several are shown at the same time. But max colors used at the same time has not been over 22 (from what I could see anyway).

A CDTV is like an A500, same MHz and amount of colors. It could have 32, 64 (EHB mode) or 4096 (HAM mode) on-screen colors, yet they went with around 16 colors at average. Just look at the title screen, the buttons look horrible. They could easily used the same colors and make it smoother and more detailed, not this choppy, jaggy crap. They didn't really optimize the images at all. I mean, just look at 30:44 as an example, she's PALE like crazy, when she's normally the same skin color as the dude, so why not use his skin color on her in that image??? I took the title image from the PC version and reduced the colors to 22 (the amount the CDTV use on that screen) and looks SO much better. I made a couple of examples: - Yeah, some places in the CDTV uses even as low as 9 colors, but adds to more when more layers are added. In this screen only one more layer/image is added on top (shortly after), making it 12 colors in total. Just look at all the extra details added, like to her face and stuff. Can't even read the copyright text in the bottom left corner of the title screen, but it's perfectly clear in the higher res PC version (used screenshot from low res PC version), which this game was made for. They could easily have made that text crystal clear, but they didn't put much effort into those details.

So, as you can see, the CDTV version could look WAY better. Pfff, 9-22 colors when they could use 4096. It's not a space/storage issue either as this game is CD and only used 132mbs. Can't be to reduce loading either. Luckily they do a MUCH better job with Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows.

Speaking of loading, this game has quite a bit, well, often, but very short. There's always a pause before it's going to load the next content, but it only loads for about a sec or so (placed the CD content on a HDD (DH0), so didn't play from a CD image. Did this so I could use save states. The loading speed is probably the same from CD anyway, even though HDDs usually load faster). So the pause is just there for some reason. Could be sped up with more CPU power, but didn't do that as the transition effects on the different images goes too fast then so they won't be noticeable, and I wanted to keep them in. So, there's a bit of waiting here and there, too many for me to be bothered editing them.

I often wait a bit on the map for the next action to happen. You can see how the different characters move around (their portraits lights up when they are in the room I'm in). And again, didn't wanna edit it out. The wait is not that long anyway, and I wanted you to see them come and go anyway.

The sound cuts in maybe 3 places, one was after half the last word in a sentence was said, so only half a word is missing. The other 2 was at the end as well. Not much missed, and nothing I did could make it play them fully.

If I click on the watch before I go to the final room, he says "I realize I have less than one minute to solve the mystery".

01:54:28 - Alternative ending. So, instead of going to the room in the upper part of the map to the right (Aft Observation Deck), I went to the left room in the lower part ((Forward Observation Deck)

01:57:45 - Game over ("r" looks like an "n", they were very similar)

Edit: I did a thorough check and found a place with 28 colors: 55:32. Still, the average amount of colors used is around 16.


January 04 2017 15:26:52
Download 165
Length 01:00:32
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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