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22-04-2018 04:45
Removed comment huh? well...time to re-edit my old post then.

21-04-2018 07:58
I kind of wish someone would submit long plays of both Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver PC Games as well as a Hot Wheels Crash! long play

19-04-2018 05:32
Mario it depends on the game. Most games usually 640x480 640x448 the in game itself will it will you what resolution it is.

18-04-2018 00:52
i used pixelpro for my resident evil longplay

17-04-2018 21:32
I had also an question about Saturn, which resolution mode must i use in Bizhawk für Saturn? i think it's not HardcoreDebug.

17-04-2018 03:30
just record the saturn game in bizhawk and crop any black borders and whatever that comes to should be fine, no need to double resolution i think

16-04-2018 22:54
not 4x !

16-04-2018 22:24
I've yet never tried a Saturn game Segafan. In Longplay submission requirements i see on Saturn only TODO Sad

16-04-2018 20:03
What is the correct resolution of a saturn video?

14-04-2018 23:52
Thanks before!

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Downloads: Resident Evil Revelations 2
Downloads Home > XBox One > Resident Evil Revelations 2

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Episode 1: Get your lock picks ready and your sandwiches close by for this episodic Resident Evil ride!

Episode 2: Much harder than the first episode since there are actual boss fights for both chapters

Episode #2 involves Claire and Moira meeting up with their fellow TerraSave co-workers, to face a big threat. Meanwhile, Barry and Natalia continue to explore the island, with Natalia being able to point out the presence of invisible monsters for Barry to attack.

Episode 3: In the first half with Claire and Moira I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to get that first key, so their half is a bit slow as is Barry's half at some parts too.

Claire and Moira follow a note that was left by Neil and learn of his true intentions. Meanwhile Barry and Natalia narrowly escape from mutated Alex and work their way from the sewer back to the surface.

Extra 2:Moira tries to survive on the island with the help of an old Russian man, named Evgeny Rebic, who Moira had met once before in the underground sections of the island. He saved her life after the fallen debris had separated Claire and Moira. Food is very scarce now and the pair overcome much danger.

Extra 1: In this extra episode, set just before Natalia meets Barry, Natalia wakes up in a dream like state, being greeted by Lottie, her favorite teddy bear. She goes on a search for Lottie after this. Joining her is 'Dark Natalia' who can sense the presence of monsters so that Natalia can sneak past them.

Episode 4: The last main episode of the game, where you can get one of two endings depending on what you did during the boss fight in episode 3 with Claire and Moira

The good ending is shown during the normal playthorugh and the bad ending is shown after the credits.


July 11 2015 04:39:03
Download 692
Length 10:04:13
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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