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28-05-2017 00:41
but its ok because i recorded the chapter just now and just have to edit it in then reupload

28-05-2017 00:40
in the comments on the youtube video, that doesnt mean i get a notification

27-05-2017 22:02
The edit is such that I thought you went straight from the crash to that underwater oil site. I just went "huh, guess that jet scene during Leon's campaign was just fluff"

27-05-2017 22:01
Somebody said it in the comments, but I guess nobody read it.

27-05-2017 21:04
oh wow, too bad nobody tells me these things

27-05-2017 15:10
@Spazbo4 Was watching the RE6 PS4 longplay. Chapter 4 is missing from the Chris campaign. Why is that?

25-05-2017 19:43
welcome,it's nice to meet you, friend Smile

25-05-2017 19:43
Hoping to watch constructor hd longplay as it got released Smile

25-05-2017 18:06
hi there, I'm new.

25-05-2017 15:36
they are lazy kieth submissions are void to them Pfft

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The Simpsons Game

This game is hilarious. The Simpsons Game is definitely worth a playthrough for any Simpsons fan.---

part 1
Land of Chocolate
Bartman Begins
Around the World in 80 Bites
Lisa the Tree Hugger
Mob Rules

Part 2
Enter the Cheatrix
Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers
Shadow of the Colossal Donut
Day of the Dolphin

Part 3
Bargain Bin
The Game Engine
Medal of Homer

Part 4
Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game
Grand Theft Scratchy
Five Characters in Search of an Author
Game Over

Part 5 Bonus
Video Game Cliches


December 28 2011 19:40:20
Download 1250
Length 05:36:46
Language English

Download (right click save as):
martanius on February 03 2015 23:40:25

Those memories.... I miss this game so much Frown

Alex Kidd on February 05 2015 07:37:07

Same time when The Simpsons movie came out
- Alex Kidd
"Do i really have to graduate, or can i just stay here for the rest of my life?"

Reinc on December 26 2016 10:18:09

Although it is good that some NPC interactions and all cliches are shown at the end, this longplay still severely lacks in gameplay quality.

A lot of NPC interactions were ignored. Few collectibles in the hub levels were picked up. There is lots of pointless walking around and dying while trying to figure out how to play. Even after that, abilities are scarcely used, and no effort is made to recharge the meter to regain abilities. Many deaths were not edited out. Editing seems to skip some part of levels to the point that player progress is hard to follow (this is especially noticable in Lisa the Tree Hugger level). Controller gets unplugged a couple times, and the time until it is plugged in again is not edited out.

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