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20-01-2017 16:17
lol! As usual got nothing clever to say to me. Looks like i won as usual.

20-01-2017 15:23
Crash Advance Purple was not right planned. the right release date should be march 20th

20-01-2017 02:40
Shining Force II completed! Yeah, reject it and see what happens. As i thought now on to Shining Force CD.

19-01-2017 22:28
something that i cant fix

19-01-2017 21:57
You can use reduction.

19-01-2017 19:58
lately i've been having audio problems with my avermedia stuff so i dont find it very reliable anymore

19-01-2017 17:34
There is always the Avermedia, but you need a fast cpu to use it effectively

19-01-2017 17:18
probably, my elgato cant record ps2 or wii because its hdmi only but the older model can

19-01-2017 09:21
Is Elgato best thing to record PS2, PS3, Wii etc.? I'm planning on buying one today!

14-01-2017 20:37
It's my personal playground. i'm in control. Anyways, back to recording MY WAY. WOL STYLE! besides (a) <-- there's always that.

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Ivan IRONMAN Stewart's Super Off Road

Spectrum 128k

I'm quite fond of the original arcade game and its various ports. The spectrum port is well done and fun in its own right, but I cant help but feel it could have been better with some background music like every other version and maybe some colour on the vehicles even if its just a single pixel right in the middle of them.

There are a few game breaking bugs in this game. I am not sure if the game has an ending or if it is endless. Towards the end of this run the game would crash on the win screen unless I got rid of most of my cash so I could proceed onto the next race. After than I needed to get rid of all my continues and cash to make any more progress until finally, it just throws up an unwinnable race.

I have also recorded the Lynx, Genesis and Snes versions of the game to compare against. I believe we also have the nes version.


December 17 2016 19:36:19
Download 21
Length 00:26:49
Language English

Download (right click save as):
Mariofan98 on December 21 2016 16:59:06

Yes Mad-Matt, Super Off Road is also on NES.

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