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26-07-2017 00:16
@madmatty yeah let's blame that guy why don't you. ^_^

22-07-2017 17:54
Its because the file path is too long. Its all Valis77s fault .. Wink

22-07-2017 15:30
@ungulwaiter they have it just takes a looong while to process it.

22-07-2017 15:09
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dream and Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter for the Saturn have 'file not found' pages

22-07-2017 05:11
do you use a browser to upload to the archive? i just use filezilla to do it

21-07-2017 10:11
Does anyone know why if I upload large files to archive, it just freezes after some time. Even if I split them in two smaller files it uploads one, and freezes on another

19-07-2017 08:50
Sorry, my bad. Forgot to verify the permissions on the disk. Works fine now, though.

19-07-2017 01:23
i doubt it, unless the ftp server is still hooked up to the old hdd that connor has

18-07-2017 21:19
FTP full again?

16-07-2017 14:00
The file will sort it self out in a little while due to a file number change

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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

For the first 6 parts I focus mainly on completing shrines so that I can get my heart containers in order to get the Master Sword which requires 13 hearts in order to get, after that I finally decide to do the dungeons in the game and finish all the main quests


March 20 2017 01:13:10
Download 613
Length 33:38:15
Language English

Download (right click save as):
Blueyoshi12345 on April 02 2017 20:05:58

Does this longplay involve getting all the shrines, upgrades, Korok Seeds, and secrets?

Spazbo4 on April 02 2017 21:33:56

that would just take too long for the korok seeds alone

Reinc on April 03 2017 02:13:11

What do you mean, "too long"? Are you in a hurry? If for some reason you can't afford the time to longplay a game, then don't put the result here. Let someone else do it.

Valis77 on April 03 2017 04:48:37

He wants to get the game over as fast as possible......not a professional way to longplay. Heh! Racing to get the most uploads how sad.

Ironclaw on April 03 2017 06:01:17

@Valis77, yup. Some longplayers don't put the needed time, heart and soul into their longplays. It's just from A-B as quickly as possible and DONE... NEXT! Only a grind to them.

Not saying THIS longplay is like that. I haven't watched it and don't know what the game has to offer Smile

Spazbo4 on April 03 2017 15:59:54

if i decided to record all 900 korok seeds im not going to record any of it anyway, too much to edit out or too long of a video nobody is going to watch

Valis77 on April 03 2017 19:56:55

And again "laziness", you have to 100% everything in the game worry not of the length, just show it all. So people will 100% the game themselves. You get a lot more that way. Btw! Nice screen shot.

JonL on April 05 2017 12:50:52

Spazbo4, this is obviously a blind longplay, isn't it? I mean, first time playing, right?

Spazbo4 on April 05 2017 15:33:08

yeah but i used a guide to find the shrines and stuff

Valis77 on April 05 2017 21:05:05

DO IT OVER AGAIN! *Table Flip*

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