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20-05-2018 14:15
I wait since two months to my ds longplays to be added as downloads. I cant not longer wait. Angry

20-05-2018 03:31
i created a folder and place my video in there, ill resume transfer tomorrow when im at university where its quicker

19-05-2018 17:36

19-05-2018 09:51
would be nice if there was a tutorial video showing new members how to upload

19-05-2018 04:31

19-05-2018 01:20
well the requirement FAQ is gone and no idea how to use Filezilla

18-05-2018 19:40
Zee Slenderman read this before submitting: http://www.longpla

18-05-2018 17:03
with the video do i give it to someone to upload or upload here? and do i add in text for the start ? message for help thanks

18-05-2018 05:57
that is why pstv cant be used, but this is why obs cant be used for recording longplays

18-05-2018 01:26
You mean we CANT! And here is why:

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Micro Maniacs

Micro Maniacs is a racing video game developed by Codemasters for Sony PlayStation and Game Boy Color. It is a spin-off to the popular Micro Machines games, the main difference being that instead of vehicles players control tiny characters, although a few racetracks feature the use of vehicles by the characters. Also, the characters are able to jump and use individual abilities, and they each have a different acceleration rate.

The Game Boy Color port has terribly disorienting fake 3D enviroment. The race tracks are simply laid out differently from what your eyes might lead you to believe. I often found myself hitting a wall where there isn't supposed to be one. The character sprites are also confusing, so it is hard to tell exactly which direction you are going, and where you will end up after a jump, which is made worse by the game's Escheresque fake 3D issue. I also dislike the fact that the game is stringent with you staying on track, penalizing you for even the slightest deviation from the track marks - a far cry from the usual Micro Machines' multitude of shortcuts.

All races on all modes won. All characters and secrets unlocked. I used all characters during the playthrough, but mostly V4 and Vortex. There are no endings in this port.


July 03 2017 02:05:15
Download 107
Length 02:55:26
Language English

Download (right click save as):
Nintendo-Box on July 16 2017 13:01:21

*Micro Maniacs

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