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19-02-2018 05:36
just copy it into notepad

19-02-2018 04:16
@Spazbo4, can you message me that description, I don't want to write it again lol

19-02-2018 03:21
@johtto we don't do screenshots like that for games anymore, submit the info again with just a screenshot of 1 image of the game

01-02-2018 20:51
says nobody ever.

31-01-2018 20:27

31-01-2018 14:20
yeah but who got the youtube Silver Play Button award after it surpassed 100k subs?

31-01-2018 03:13
yeah lets see if we can get to 1 Million.

30-01-2018 20:43
World of Longplays total number of subscribers reached 600,000 subs Smile

26-01-2018 10:24
Thanks,Just handhelds from sony, sega & nintendo Smile

25-01-2018 23:55
silross88: ill try to add it Feb1st

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Started: 01.02.18

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Age of Empires

Hello everyone im back once again!
This time i did this legendary RTS game but what a hassle this first game was!

First off i want to say if you think the recording looks laggy it is because this is recorded on a Windows 95 emulator so thats why i can look like its laggy sometimes but i also remember the game being played like this in the old days.

This game was played on Moderate throughout and wasn't particularly hard in any way. I feel like most missions in the second game are 10x harder.
Now you will probably see me do a couple of stupid mistakes but i think i have cut most of them out so it shouldn't be an issue.

Overall i hope you enjoy the longplay!


January 14 2018 19:00:46
Download 132
Length 13:14:07
Language English

Download (right click save as):
greatatemi on February 07 2018 12:29:09

Why did you played this on an emulator? there's an hd mod for this game that runs natively even on windows 10. and has cd audio support

Frederikct112 on February 09 2018 19:08:11

The reason being i played this on a emulator is because i wanted it to stay as CLOSE to the original game as possible. The HD mod is a nice addition but i feel like its kinda unncessary seeing a HD Remaster is coming out soon. Not that im going to be playing that but still.

greatatemi on February 10 2018 19:24:04

I understand. Also, if the game runs on an emulator, why does it plays the midi soundtrack instead of the cd music?

Frederikct112 on February 10 2018 21:14:31

That i have no answer for... I used a CD to install the game on it but i dont know

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