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22-01-2018 15:30
it's been almost seven months since the last member poll, mind if I post a new poll?

03-01-2018 20:55
Happy New Year to all longplayers!

03-01-2018 17:52
Happy New Year Valis77!

01-01-2018 06:52
Happy New Year BITCHES!!!

27-12-2017 21:46
I would but I cannot find command anywhere, I want to delete whole post as I made double

27-12-2017 17:53
if you have access to archive you should be able to delete it

27-12-2017 07:35
I have accidentally uploaded two PS3 Conans to archive so pls delete one :D

26-12-2017 09:17
schlauchi hasnt made 002 yet

26-12-2017 02:10
Where is PC VR longplay 002? Superhot is 001 and Rick and Morty is 003

23-12-2017 22:22
This is awesome! :D

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Started: 01.07.17

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Socom 1,Socom 2,Socom 3 and Mercenaries playground of destruction
[img][/img]Request want to see a longplay of Socom 1,Socom 2,Socom 3 and Mercenaries playground of destruction

I have already seen some of the videos on YouTube about your channel so please do these games

Socom 1,Socom 2,Socom 3 all of these games are exclusive to the ps2 console it is an tactical shooter game where you play as 4 guys in the squad your job is to complete without any of your teammates going down and it will tell you how well did you do the mission by rating

Mercenaries playground of destruction are on the PS2 and original Xbox you play as three mercenaries characters it is up to you to choose which one would you like to play as in the game your job is to fulfill these contracts by killing your target would reward you less money or bring the target alive will earn you a lot more money and this game has an very interesting storyline

So please upload these games
Edited by Thegamer89 on 31-08-2017 08:15
Hello again Thegamer89.

If you want to become a longplayer ask the admins through the IRC chat. Maybe they can help.
Puerto Rico...GAME ON, Level Up & Happy Gaming!!!Smile
I would like to accept to become a longplayer and I have been gaming for 14 years ever since 2002 I had my first ever Console called the PS2 but first let me finish my university for at least 6 months
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