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13-11-2017 20:14
We Know. A music video after the initial playthrough about 30 mins in caused a worldwide block.

13-11-2017 17:35
Street Fighter:The Movie Longplay Got Blocked Worldwide By Rockdom Artists.

13-11-2017 13:55
Yushira! Thanks NOW GET OFF MY LAWN! lol

13-11-2017 13:53
Never thought i see the day. A Longplay with more downvotes than upvotes? Street Fighter: The Movie that's who.

12-11-2017 11:30
Here's your present. They are my neighbor's false teeth but she don't need them anymore.

11-11-2017 06:35
I turn 40 today. Man i feel old.

07-11-2017 05:06
not good reason but ok good for you

03-11-2017 12:09

02-11-2017 03:12
cuphead was actually finished day of release but i waited because of reasons

01-11-2017 21:42
Thanks for Cuphead Spazbo! That's what I call quick service!

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Started: 01.07.17

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I need a sound of an army dying (needs to be clean, no music)
I don't play many games or watch a ton of movies, and have already spent like 2 weeks trying to find something similar to this:, but to no avail. I've tried playing several single death/scream sounds together to simulate an army, but the files I found suck and doesn't make it good. What I need this sound clip for is exactly the same situation as in the clip. An army dies, all at the same time, but needs to be clean with no music. Gotta be men, humans (no monsters), and no other strong sound playing during it, like sound of creatures, guns, zombies moaning, or music. If the sound in this clip didn't have the music, it would be perfect. Also looked at software that can remove music from video and keep sound, like YT sometimes do (but not good tho), but found nothing good.

I've already spent enough time trying to find something and have given up. So, as this community is full of gamers, I'm sure you know a few war type games, or whatever, that might have this stuff. Just mute music and rip it for me Smile

Would be much appreciated if I could get exactly what's in the video clip, without music.

Other people I've tried asking just gives pointers to games and movies that MIGHT have what I look for SOMEWHERE in them. Yeah, not worth the time or effort for a small chance of finding this. I prefer safe bets. I'm tired.

Edit: If I can't find something usable by the time the the movie is done (except this sound part), I will just use this sound, but it's gonna suck as my own music is playing at that moment, so will sound sooo off and bad when the music from the clip starts to play, but better than nothing.
Edited by Ironclaw on 30-10-2017 21:08
Street Fighter:The Movie Saturn Longplay Got Blocked Worldwide By Rockdom Artists On YouTube.
I would really like to see a software that claims to be able to remove music from a sound file. That is pretty much impossible unless they are separate tracks. The frequency response of both sound effects (voice over included) and music spans such a wide range in the audio spectrum that you can't just EQ it out without getting heavy losses in the quality of the sound effects.

I think your best bet is to get your hands on a professional sound effects library if you want something that sounds even half decent, or borrow a shotgun mic and recorder from somewhere / someone and record your own.
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