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15-12-2017 17:29
Anyway, I finished uploaded Xenogears and Boktai 1! Do you still have the Xenogears description saved or will I need to write again?

15-12-2017 14:42
Frederikct112 SPEEEEEAAAAKS!

14-12-2017 06:59
Bouchart please come to our chat so we can help you get started (:

12-12-2017 17:19
i'm looking to submit a DOS game, can I get an admin?

09-12-2017 23:45
Macdonald's? more like McCramits.

06-12-2017 22:21
Macdonald's food FTW!

06-12-2017 10:23
I have replaced my longplay of Elevator Action. It is now ten times longer, for your high-scoring pleasure. I don't think I would be able to progress much further in the game, even with save state

04-12-2017 22:04
Mega Man 11 was just announced Woot! https://www.youtub
5A726f0 gets canceled....Dammit
capcom. no seriously Don't fuck up this time Capcom!

30-11-2017 18:09
Thanks to add my Mario Party N64 Longplays at Xmas on YT. Wink

24-11-2017 22:17
i see raven

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Started: 01.07.17

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Not technically an introduction, but...
Hello! I am guycoolSpore2! I apologize for disappearing for... How long? Let me see here...

Oh. There's no way to check prior posts.

Well, the point is, it has been a long, long time since I've even ever seen this website. However, I feel it wouldn't be very nice to just try and submit a longplay off the bat without at least an introduction.

I'm Spore, someone who (ironically) actually Speedran a few games for a bit and held a world record for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 for about 3 months... and then the World Record for it dropped in time by about 3 hours, but the game was in French on the new record holder's version of the game so I couldn't analyze it in time to figure out how to beat it before I joined the US Army, in which I am now training to do my job... Or, well, to be more exact, I'm training for the opportunity to receive almost 4 more months of On-The-Job training to do my job. Yeah... I probably won't be doing many Longplays in my time. However, what few I can do will be submitted here recently after I go look at the rules and refresh myself on what needs to be done for the game to be longplayed.
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