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20-01-2017 16:17
lol! As usual got nothing clever to say to me. Looks like i won as usual.

20-01-2017 15:23
Crash Advance Purple was not right planned. the right release date should be march 20th

20-01-2017 02:40
Shining Force II completed! Yeah, reject it and see what happens. As i thought now on to Shining Force CD.

19-01-2017 22:28
something that i cant fix

19-01-2017 21:57
You can use reduction.

19-01-2017 19:58
lately i've been having audio problems with my avermedia stuff so i dont find it very reliable anymore

19-01-2017 17:34
There is always the Avermedia, but you need a fast cpu to use it effectively

19-01-2017 17:18
probably, my elgato cant record ps2 or wii because its hdmi only but the older model can

19-01-2017 09:21
Is Elgato best thing to record PS2, PS3, Wii etc.? I'm planning on buying one today!

14-01-2017 20:37
It's my personal playground. i'm in control. Anyways, back to recording MY WAY. WOL STYLE! besides (a) <-- there's always that.

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Date User System Title Status Approval Status Reason
2017-12-28 Spazbo4 XBox One The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Recording Pending
2017-01-24 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Resident Evil 7 Recording Pending
2017-01-24 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Recording Pending
2017-01-20 martanius PC Grid 2 Recording Pending
2017-01-20 mihaibest PC The Crew Recording Pending
2017-01-20 JohnX895 NES Binary Land Uploaded Pending
2017-01-19 JohnX895 NES Formation Z Uploaded Pending
2017-01-19 Spazbo4 PC Action Henk Uploaded Pending
2017-01-19 NPI Game Boy Color Disneys Tarzan Uploaded Pending
2017-01-19 JohnX895 NES Mappy Recording Pending
2017-01-19 JohnX895 NES The Wizard of Oz (Fan Translation / Unlicensed) Recording Pending
2017-01-18 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Uploading(WIP) Pending
2017-01-18 RickyC PlayStation 4 Final Fantasy XV Uploaded Pending
2017-01-18 Spazbo4 Nintendo 3DS Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Uploaded Pending
2017-01-17 mihaibest PC Driver: San Francisco Recording Pending
2017-01-13 Valis77 Mega Drive / Genesis Shining Force II Encoding Pending
2017-01-12 MadMatty PlayStation Riven - The Sequal to Myst Recording Pending
2017-01-12 Valis77 Mega-CD / Sega-CD Shining Force CD Recording Pending
2017-01-10 xRavenXP PlayStation Xenogears Encoding Pending
2017-01-09 stefix99 PC Saints Row IV Recording Pending
2017-01-08 TheVandal172 PlayStation Street Fighter Collection Recording Pending
2017-01-05 Ravenlord PC Tomb Raider Recording Pending
2017-01-05 Ravenlord PC Goodbye Deponia Recording Pending
2017-01-04 xRavenXP Game Boy Advance Boktai - The Sun is Your Hand Uploading(WIP) Pending
2017-01-03 Valis77 PlayStation 4 Wild Guns Reloaded Uploaded Pending
2017-01-02 Reinc PC Engine Lemmings Recording Pending
2017-01-02 Reinc Master System Daffy Duck in Hollywood Recording Pending
2017-01-02 Reinc Game Gear Daffy Duck in Hollywood Recording Pending
2017-01-01 Tsunao Nintendo DS Star Wars Episode 3 Uploading(WIP) Pending
2017-01-01 Tsunao PC Alltynex 2nd Recording Pending
2017-01-01 JohnX895 NES Final Fight 3 (Unlicensed) Recording Pending
2017-01-01 Tsunao PlayStation Legend of Mana Recording Pending
2017-01-01 Darius320 PlayStation 2 Tekken 5 Uploaded Pending
2016-12-29 Spazbo4 PlayStation Vita Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - HD Edition Uploaded Pending
2016-12-27 JagOfTroy PlayStation 4 Mafia III Recording Pending
2016-12-23 RickyC Nintendo 64 Super Mario 64 Uploaded Pending
2016-12-21 Ravenlord PC Legacy Of Kain: Blood Omen 2 Uploaded Pending
2016-12-20 Spazbo4 XBox One Outlast Uploaded Pending
2016-12-17 Darius320 PlayStation 2 Tekken 4 Uploaded Pending
2016-12-13 Spazbo4 XBox One Batman: The Telltale Series Uploaded Pending
2016-12-11 xRavenXP Super Nintendo Earthbound Recording Pending
2016-12-06 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 The Last Guardian Uploaded Pending
2016-12-04 TheVandal172 PlayStation Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Recording Pending
2016-12-02 Spazbo4 PC Titanfall 2 Uploaded Pending
2016-12-02 Spazbo4 PC Battlefield 1 Uploaded Pending
2016-12-01 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Watch_Dogs 2 Uploaded Pending
2016-12-01 Spazbo4 Xbox Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Uploaded Pending
2016-12-01 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Batman Return To Arkham: Arkham City Uploaded Pending
2016-12-01 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Bully Uploaded Pending
2016-12-01 Spazbo4 PlayStation 2 Silent Hill 3 Uploaded Pending
2016-12-01 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Grand Theft Auto V Uploaded Pending
2016-12-01 Spazbo4 XBox One Gears of War 4 Uploaded Pending
2016-12-01 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Batman Return To Arkham: Arkham Asylum Uploaded Pending
2016-12-01 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 South Park: The Stick of Truth Uploaded Pending
2016-10-11 resrer PlayStation 2 Call of Duty: Finest Hour Uploaded Pending
2016-10-06 xRavenXP PlayStation Final Fantasy Tactics Recording Pending
2016-10-06 xRavenXP PC The Last Remnant Recording Pending
2016-10-02 Spikestuff Game Boy Advance Crash Nitro Kart Recording Pending
2016-07-06 HolyMeatball PC The Moment of Silence Recording Pending
2016-07-05 HolyMeatball PC Game of Thrones (RPG) Recording Pending
2016-06-15 HolyMeatball PC Tom Clancy's The Division Recording Pending