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26-07-2017 00:16
@madmatty yeah let's blame that guy why don't you. ^_^

22-07-2017 17:54
Its because the file path is too long. Its all Valis77s fault .. Wink

22-07-2017 15:30
@ungulwaiter they have it just takes a looong while to process it.

22-07-2017 15:09
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dream and Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter for the Saturn have 'file not found' pages

22-07-2017 05:11
do you use a browser to upload to the archive? i just use filezilla to do it

21-07-2017 10:11
Does anyone know why if I upload large files to archive, it just freezes after some time. Even if I split them in two smaller files it uploads one, and freezes on another

19-07-2017 08:50
Sorry, my bad. Forgot to verify the permissions on the disk. Works fine now, though.

19-07-2017 01:23
i doubt it, unless the ftp server is still hooked up to the old hdd that connor has

18-07-2017 21:19
FTP full again?

16-07-2017 14:00
The file will sort it self out in a little while due to a file number change

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Release Schedule

Below you can find all longplays that have been completed and have been scheduled to be added to YouTube.

YouTube Date User System Title
2017-07-27 Genbu NES Mickey Mousecapade
2017-07-27 Genbu NES Kid Klown in Night Mayor World
2017-07-28 Eino MSX Laydock 2: Last Attack
2017-07-28 Eino MSX Frogger
2017-07-29 Eino MSX Track & Field 1
2017-07-29 Eino MSX Trailblazer
2017-07-30 Eino MSX Boulder Dash
2017-07-30 Eino MSX Elevator Action
2017-07-31 Eino MSX Moon Patrol
2017-07-31 Eino MSX Mr. Do! vs Unicorns
2017-08-01 Eino MSX Mr. Do's Wildride
2017-08-01 Eino MSX Star Soldier
2017-08-02 ScHlAuChi Game Gear VR Troopers
2017-08-02 ScHlAuChi Game Gear Galaga '91
2017-08-03 ScHlAuChi Game Gear Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
2017-08-03 ScHlAuChi Game Gear Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
2017-08-04 ScHlAuChi Game Gear Virtua Fighter Animation
2017-08-04 ScHlAuChi Game Gear Hook
2017-08-05 ScHlAuChi Game Gear Woody Pop
2017-08-05 ScHlAuChi Game Gear Berlin no Kabe
2017-08-06 JohnX895 Game Gear Ms. Pac-Man
2017-08-06 JohnX895 Game Gear Space Harrier
2017-08-07 RickyC Game Boy The Blues Brothers - Jukebox Adventure
2017-08-07 RickyC Game Boy Gremlins 2: The New Batch
2017-08-08 RickyC Game Boy The Rugrats Movie
2017-08-08 RickyC Game Boy The Incredible Crash Dummies
2017-08-09 Valis77 Mega-CD / Sega-CD Time Gal (a)
2017-08-09 RickyC Game Boy The Blues Brothers
2017-08-10 ScHlAuChi Mega-CD / Sega-CD Garou Densetsu Special
2017-08-10 ScHlAuChi Mega-CD / Sega-CD World Cup USA '94
2017-08-11 RickyC PlayStation Rugrats: Search for Reptar
2017-08-11 NPI PlayStation Batman: Gotham City Racer
2017-08-12 MadMatty PlayStation Grand Theft Auto
2017-08-12 RickyC PlayStation Sabrina the Teenage Witch: A Twitch in Time
2017-08-13 MadMatty PlayStation Gamera 2000
2017-08-13 NPI PlayStation Paranoia Scape
2017-08-14 Brian0451 PlayStation Final Fantasy Anthology: Final Fantasy V
2017-08-14 NPI PlayStation Mega Man X3
2017-08-15 MadMatty PlayStation Viewpoint
2017-08-15 NPI PlayStation Spyro 2: Riptos Rage
2017-08-16 NPI PlayStation Zeiramzone
2017-08-16 RickyC PlayStation Final Fantasy IX
2017-08-16 NPI PlayStation Oh No!
2017-08-17 NPI PlayStation Captain Commando
2017-08-17 NPI PlayStation Fuuun Gokuu Ninden
2017-08-18 Valis77 PlayStation Assault Rigs
2017-08-18 NPI PlayStation Firo and Klawd
2017-08-19 NPI PlayStation Space Debris
2017-08-19 NPI PlayStation Robin Hood: The Siege
2017-08-20 NPI PlayStation Pink Panther: Pinkadelic Pursuit
2017-08-20 RickyC PlayStation Chocobo Racing
2017-08-21 Ironclaw Amiga CDTV Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows
2017-08-21 Ironclaw Amiga CDTV The Case of the Cautious Condor
2017-08-22 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Spacegun
2017-08-22 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Operation Thunderbolt
2017-08-23 MadMatty ZX Spectrum The Untouchables
2017-08-23 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Forgotten Worlds
2017-08-24 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Double Dragon
2017-08-24 MadMatty ZX Spectrum The Light Corridor
2017-08-25 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Double Dragon II - The Revenge
2017-08-25 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Strider
2017-08-26 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Strider II
2017-08-26 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Shadow Dancer
2017-08-27 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Ivan IRONMAN Stewart's Super Off Road
2017-08-27 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Santa's Christmas Capers
2017-08-28 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Doube Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stone
2017-08-28 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Ghostbusters
2017-08-29 RickyC Nintendo 64 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
2017-08-29 Tarosan Nintendo 64 WCW vs nWo: Revenge
2017-08-30 RickyC Nintendo 64 Tony Hawks Pro Skater
2017-08-30 RickyC Nintendo 64 Pokemon Stadium
2017-08-31 NPI Nintendo 64 Superman
2017-08-31 NPI Nintendo 64 Bomberman 64 (Japan)
2017-09-01 Valis77 Arcade Marvel Super Heroes
2017-09-01 ScHlAuChi Arcade Soldier Girl Amazon
2017-09-02 ScHlAuChi Arcade Pinball Action
2017-09-02 ScHlAuChi Arcade Action Fighter
2017-09-03 ScHlAuChi Arcade Psychic 5
2017-09-03 ScHlAuChi Arcade Quiz Crayon Shinchan
2017-09-04 ScHlAuChi Arcade Saboten Bombers
2017-09-04 ScHlAuChi Arcade Crayon Shinchan Orato Asobo
2017-09-05 ScHlAuChi Arcade The Alphax Z
2017-09-05 ScHlAuChi Arcade Alien 3: The Gun