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Hello there! Longtime fan of Longplays, first time actually mustering up the courage to play it!

Yeah, so long as I set up the tech correctly, I will start on recording this wonderful game. I have yet to beat the last bosses though (that's right, I said bosses), and I am a Senior in school, so it might take a month or two. I just wanted to give you guys something to look forward to!

That is, unless someone else is recording it as we speak...

If you want to learn more about Xenogears, check out my favorite fan site dedicated to it: http://www.xgam.org/
Ooh, I am glad I figured out this problem early. I tried to record the game with Darkman's Recorder for ePSXe because I figured, hey, the easiest way to record my game is through the computer instead of all those wires on my PS3. Turns out, there was no sound! Any tips on how I can tweak this to work with a program like FRAPS without the massive slowdown?

So yeah, an hour and a half of gameplay footage down the drain. I guess this gives me time to fully explore the game again after not visiting it for months!
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Good luck with this...
Out of all the games on the market this is the one i`d like to see played through
I am not sure if I will be watching this.

I do want to know how long is it going to be?
One of the recommended tweaks I have seen for FRAPS is to record the output to a drive you aren't playing on (so if you are playing an emulator on your C drive, record to your storage hard drive). I've heard mixed things about that though. Another thing is limiting the frame rate to ~20 or so and locking it.

Stoked to see Xenogears on the list; If I can help with FRAPS stuff let me know and I will try my best.
Sorry to say that I do not plan on making this longplay at the current time as things fell through and I had to deal with other issues, but I will be doing this for RPGSite.net (a site I work for as an editor) through a streaming service like JTV or Ustream. I may see if I can have my mic on perhaps a different channel so that I can remove it, splice the game together, and give you guys a longplay. Has anyone attempted this before? lol
"Live by one's own strength, stand on one's own feet."
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