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Hi everyone this is Jack Red, I want to get more into Doom after I finally played the first two games on PC.

I am aware The Ultimate Doom was just finished and has been added to my list of longplays to watch.

I want to see someone to do Doom II, Final Doom and Doom 3 longplay really soon please.
Alright, I'll be recording Doom 2 next, then. ;-)
Wow thanks man.

I remember playing that and I honestly loved it.

I am wondering how long is that game.

I just started watching your run.
Ultimate Doom features 36 levels, and my movie is about 3:45.
Doom II contains 32 levels, so expect something between 3:30 and 4:00, I guess.
Play long and prosper!
I just finished watching the first episode and I am about to watch the next one.

I really can't wait until you finish Doom II.

I am wondering what are your thinks of Doom 4 which isn't supposed to be a sequel or remake?
Well Ultimate Doom was an expansion to Doom because the original version didn't include the fourth episode.

That brings me up to requesting a few expansions of Doom I would enjoy watching it.

1. Master Levels for Doom II
2. Final Doom
3. Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil

If anyone has what it takes to beat them then you have my thanks.
Doom 3 did look very good at the time (the shadows and metalic shine had a very realistic look) and it had a very tense atmosphere.
On a side note, I personaly think concentrating all evil into one single character (Betruger) was a bad idea. Evil is much more frightening when it remains countless and faceless.
On the down side, body awareness and weapons were not great (as in Quake 2, by the way), and I've never felt the need to play the game more than once.

Resurrection of Evil lacked any kind of originality and the gravity gun was not half as fun or useful as the one in Half-Life 2. Well I didn't have fun with that game in any case.

As for Doom 4, you reminded me that it was planned. I had completely forgotten about it. It's probably going to be more like Doom 3, with even more blood and less technological marvels. I'm not holding my breath. :-)

I don't have Final Doom or Master Levels, and thus I think I will pass on those.
I may record Doom 3 in the future if noone has done it by then, but there are quite a few other games that I'd really like to record first. ;-)
I totally agree with all that.

Doom 3 isn't as good as the first two games but in it's own right it's a good game.
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