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Okay, thanks for the input. I'll likely end up recording it in 1080p and producing a 1080p final file, before scaling it down to 720p and 480p. Sound good?
My answer: ^_^
Rescaling the movie afterwards has absolutely no benefit. You'll get a blurred result and you'll need to compress even more to get a decent file size, so the quality will be even worse.

If you really want to use that method, I think you should test it first with a 5 minute long movie so that you can judge the result.

Just choose the resolution you want the movie to be and play the game in that resolution. That's the best way to go.

And my opinion still stands. You should not use 1080p. It is simply a waste of storage on Archive.org, a waste of bandwidth usage for Archive.org AND for everyone that's going to download the movie.

For me it is also a matter of respect for the majority of viewers out there with computers that cannot play HD contents properly. But this is only my opinion.
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And especially because that game is now a bit old and doesn't have real HD resolution, there is no need for 1080p, it's not Dragon age Origins or something that uses real HD, and like JonL said it's a waste of storage and bandwith, i think it could look decent even in smaller resolution, i always go for the size then for the resolution, but that's my opinion anyway!
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For me I'm just happy if you do the LP. Of course my opinion is still that 720p is a good compromise. But if you really want to do 1080p it's up to you.
But the other guys arguments are valid in the sense that many probably wont get the LP since the file will be really big, and many don't have the rig to run clip's in full HD. And the game is kinda old, so it doesn't look that much better in HD.
But in the end I have flat-rate on my 100 Mb/s, and my PC is fairly new, so what ever you decide i will pick it up ^_^
Okay, fair enough.

I suppose I'll go with 720p. Just about to (re)start the first recording.
For the record, I'm going to try recording it at my monitors native 1920x1200 resolution as a .dem is Half-Life 2, and then render it directly to an AVI file.
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