[PSP] Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

Last updated on 12 years ago
yes! +1!!!
Claudio :-D
Didn't this game just come out?

[Edit] Wait! The game's not even out yet! :o
Someone who offers to make a long-play of MGSPW?
I think only me and Ironclaw can record psp games. Ironclaw doesn't like games like mgs and my psp broke while starting the game. ScHlAuChi might but he says he never has time.
I can provided the time and i am a n00b here so I don't know the speccifications for the vid
oh yes I forgot to mention im on it and I can record any psp vid
uhh quick question how do i upload?
As I noted in the chat, please upload it to http://www.longplays.org/upload.php

I'm new to this forum too, and have found quite a bit of help at #Longplays on IRC (also accessible from the "Chat" option at the top of the site)
the recording has started
That means you do a long-play of MGSPW?
Well, if you need any help with the encoding process after you have finished your recording, feel free to visit the irc :-) Also keep in mind that we will not put the video up on youtube, as it is a brand new game. We will host it here however...
So, what with longplay?
will it bee okay if not all the missions are S Ranked? I can find all items too but that will make the video longer and I don't have enough dvds
You don't need to have a perfect ranking on every mission... Just do them and get as good a ranking as you can within your limitations (length being the limiting factor here.) It's nice to have perfect ranking on all missions, but if thats not possible, then too bad...
/right, long post warning

Im playing this at the moment, 31 hours in and Im still loving it. (I mean really really loving it)

I completed it yesterday but with the end game content now available I feel the best is yet to come and Im only just getting started. It truly is one of the best MGS games ever. No joke.

Have you played it yet RickyC?? If you have then what do you think?? Im surprised you aint done the LP as your obviously very versed in the series nuances/strategys etc. I loved your MGS LP's.

Anyways Imjustaguy, Im looking forward to watching this longplay mate. You MGS fans who dont own a psp are in for a real treat.

Just a few questions if I may, are you recording chapter 5, ya know the end game extra plotline?? Are you doing any extra ops missions to help with unlocking weapons/items etc to help make the main storyline that bit easier?? Are you building your own metal gear yet?
The game ends after 4 chapters but continues after the end game with some more story, some more plot twists, more cutscenes and some amazing battles.

Trust me guys, the endgame content in Peace Walker is seriously off the freaking charts..
It must be a real difficult LP to do I reckon. You have to decide what to leave out and what to leave in, what extra ops to do etc etc, so I dont envy you mate:)

Kojima games dont come along often but when they do I really do enjoy playing them or watching. The man is a genius in my humble opinion.

Yes, indeed i will do chapter 5 and extra ops. I am alternating between extra ops and main ops as to complete weapon production and recruitments to make the game easier. And so that people who don't own this get as much out of this as they can.
So the time would be the long-play? :P
Is there any news about this longplay?
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