ZX Spectrum longplays!!!!!!!

Last updated on 12 years ago
I would like to request:

Splatterhouse 1 (Arcade)
Spellbound Dizzy (C64)
Tarzan (C64)
Gift From The Gods (ZX Spectrum)

I also record some ZX Spectrum 48K games. Anyone interested???

Im interested about Spectrum games. Sadly this site doesnt allow C64 longplays,because there is a site already for them.
Sounds Awesome You'll Be The First Person For The ZX Spectrum Section. Go For It!
I Have 20 finished longplays for ZX Spectrum 48K and 128K.

I must mentioned that I didn't play this games I just load the RZX (Action replay) files in my Zx Spectrum emulator and record the longplays into the AVI files.

This is the page where I get this RZX files:

If you are interested just tell me how can I upload this games??

Upload your works, I would like to see them
I read the rules that I can upload on this site only mp4 or mkv. I have ZX Spectrum longplays mostly in avi format. I have some longplays in mp4 format. I would like to upload all videos if it's OK??? Let me know that.

Upload 1-2 longplays on the FTP so we can look at it. I'm curious about it. :)
I upload all 19 finished ZX Spectrum 48K longplays in your server.
Check it. I really love those minimalistic graphics and 1-Bit music and SFX.
It's very nice that you want to support us. The longplays are ok. But we can not publish things that have been created by third parties. Without the consent of the original recorder, we can not publish.
The avi movies I record from RZX files. On this page you can get the credits.

I don't know if I am making things easier...

You may have recorded them in AVI, but it still is the work of the author who made the RZX file. It will sorta be like me downloading a movie file from tasvideos, recording the movie file on the emulator, and saying it is my own when it's not.

Oh, and the head honchos here don't accept AVI files.
It has to be either MKV or MP4.


We only accept .mp4 and .mkv (h264/aac) encoded files. We have no possibility to encode your files


Though there were MP4 files here and there, it is still the work of another person.
In RZX home page you have the credits who made the RZX file for ZX Spectrum games. I defenitly not expect to credit me as longplay creator. For the mp4 versions just can just write Played by: unknown. I made those ZX Spectrum recordings for my personal longplay collections. I just try to help, first I ask if I can upload avi files too, someone say yes and I upload all ZX Spectrum longplays that I have in my cellection. Now you can do it what ever you want :)

If you can't put this longplays in this page you can keep it for your personal collection.

That it.

Maybe in the future someone can record mp4 or mkv files using RZX files in the ZX Spectrum emulator. You have all the credits in RZX home page who is the RZX submitter.


Have a nice day.
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