Render a Longplay in Sony Vegas

Last updated on 13 years ago
So, i recently got my HD Capture Card Working, and i started recording Ratchet & Clank. Now, i wouldn't mind making a longplay, as well as a general playthrough for my own youtube channel (theres a lack of next-gen LPs)

The issue, i have some audio de-sync, but i easily fixed it in vegas. Now i can't really do that using the methods I used for my BTTF LP. So does anyone know what render settings i should use, what program to convert etc. ?

I'm recording in 720p, 60FPS, so I would want an output to match that.
I don't know if they allow movies rendered in Sony Vegas or whatever way thats not the one with the Avysinth. But that takes a very long time, maybe we can do something with Vegas.

I'm starting to learn about this software, the render settings I found better was the AVI/mp4 codec, then configuring for maximum settings/size ratio. He uses that h.263 codec.
Well, i can do many things.

I can render out in 1280x720 60FPS 720p - but that would be a massive file regardless what i used. HD is just like that.

I can render out in 856x480 30FPS 480p - Still would look nice, have a smaller file size, but wouldn't be HD

Or i could just use the sites preferred methods, and have a random 53 minute chunk of the LP de-synced... but I also want to edit a section out, its literary 6 minutes of menu screen, cause my recording software didn't pause....

I'll finish recording today, and just play around with it and see.. regardless its going up on my channel..
Yeah, the filesize is a problem, but I think there is still a better encoder to find, I just started using it.

You can edit out with avysinth, just read carefully the guides.
Youtube only output 30 fps so rendering it in 60fps is just waste of time and space. Render in 29,97 or 30fps instead.

Sony Vegas Pro got a nice Youtube rendering option, try it.
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