Super Mario Sunshine

Last updated on 12 years ago
I'm starting SMS soon! I'll try to get 120 shines, which is a pain.
i cant wait :)
I will be happy to watch every minute of it! (even without the 120 stars ;-) )
Play long and prosper!
How are you going to record that game? Are you going to play it on a Wii? And if so. what kind of capture device do you have?
I'm playing it on a Wii, recording it with a dazzle (s-video cables ;) ).
After about about a day, I figured out the best quality for the s-video cables.
You should play in using a Gamecube/Wii emulator called Dolphin and record with fraps. Super Mario Sunshine is emulated perfectly and runs fine on my PC. If you use and emulator and record with fraps, it will give you the best quality Indeed.
I'd rather get a little less quality then frustration over missing things and fail cut scenes :D
cheeze4343, your Megaman 10 longplay was rejected because of the bad video quality (it was very blurry) and the left and right black borders.
I advise you to generate a small Mario Sunshine sample (dunno, like 5 minutes or something) and upload it for us to check.
It would be too bad to get your lp rejected after hours of hard work, wouldn't it?
Play long and prosper!
Where can I upload it???
You can upload it as a normal longplay.

You'll find the required details about the ftp server here :

Just create a folder with the name of the game, that'll do ;-)
Play long and prosper!
I have checked your video and as far as I'm concerned, it looks good. 800x600, no borders, not blurry. Good job.
I'll check with the others as soon as possible, but I'm pretty confident with your settings.
Oh! And I look forward to seing the whole longplay! ^^
Play long and prosper!
Yes, that video looked good :-) You may record it like that.
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