[Accepted] Cocoron

Last updated on 13 years ago
Now, we are going to accept this video under some doubts, it is a bit too compressed, and there are some deinterlacing issues in it. In the future try not to compress the video as much, and avoid deinterlacing it please.
Keep in mind that filesize is not an issue here :-P But quality is...
Good job anyway Kimu-kun! Nice to see your first longplay!
Play long and prosper!
@Geekmeister : I'll keep that in mind for the future longplays. As I say, I have a long way to go.
Yes, it is a learning process :-) We keep learning something new every time you know, trying slightly different settings in megui etc to maximize the quality of the videos.
I dunno if it is me...

The one I downloaded from this site won't play on DivX Player, yet it will in VLC. (dunno why I have the DivX player in the first place.)

When I uploaded it to YouTube, the audio desynced. Yet...the audio is in sync when I played in VLC.

Was mkvmerge used to make the file?

I'm going to remux to fix the audio desync and upload it to YouTube.
It's not just you, I tried to remux it with the megui thing, but megui did not want to do that for me, for some reason :-( I think JonL remuxed it, but he hasn't uploaded it yet, which would explain why the time on the video is 10 seconds longer on youtube than in vlc etc.. (That is why i tried remuxing it in the first place...)
Congrats for you first longplay Kimu-Kun, keep up the good work ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
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