Final Fanatsy 13

Last updated on 13 years ago
Yea, i know I already have a main thread for my stuff. But yea i made it anyway.

Basically i'm considering a FF13 LP (in 720p, PS3) So this is gunna take me a while, and I dont think anybodys doing this/Planning to.

I don't know how many hours/months it will take me to record/total time. And i will be re-recording segments alot, and jumping around in footage, but otherwsie its a pretty linear game, You just need to grind..alot...(Which may be cut out...)

Um heres an example for the quality..
It will be on my youtube channel before the site (in 20-30min parts)

So if you really want to see this leave me some feedback.

Progress: Chapters 1/13 Complete.
Total Time (so far): 1 Hour
Sweet! Yes, we want to see this! :-)
I would also like to see this, I got stuck in the game at a point and gave up trying to figure it out. I might be able to see how to get past it.
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