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Meh. I give up after over 24 hours with no response. I gave it a shot. I don't have time for this trial and error crap. I'm done.
This is currently what my AVS Text Document looks like. It is correct, right? Or should I be taking the " and <> out?

AviSource("Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars (U) [!] Part 1.avi")+\
AviSource("Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars (U) [!]_part2.avi")+\
AviSource("Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars (U) [!]_part3.avi")+\
AviSource("Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars (U) [!]_part4.avi")+\
AviSource("Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars (U) [!]_part5.avi")

Fps=50 # replace by 50 if you are in the US.

Subtitle("", \
first_frame=SubsStart, last_frame=SubsStart+SubsDura, \
y=SubsY-48, size=24, text_color=$ffffff, align=2)
Subtitle("Played By ", \
first_frame=SubsStart, last_frame=SubsStart+SubsDura+5, \
y=SubsY-24, size=24, text_color=$ffffff, align=2)
Subtitle("", \
first_frame=SubsStart, last_frame=SubsStart+SubsDura+10, \
y=SubsY, size=24, text_color=$ffff00, align=2)

ConvertToYV12() # Converts to YV12 colorspace for h264
Okay. Looks like the only problems I see between the 5 AVIs for my SMRPG run, is the transition between Part 2 to Part 3, and even then it's not too noticable. Other than that everything else is a flawless transition.

I'll see about turning them all into an MP4 later if I understand how to do everything right.

As far as the transition goes, I could probably leave that alone, cause I'm not sure if trimming Frames is gonna make it look any better. But hey. Not bad for one bad spot between 5 AVIs.
I suppose I should dust this thread off. I still have my 5 AVIs for my Super Mario RPG LP, but I unfortunately don't really have any idea how to encode it into MP4s. I'm really not very tech savvy.

I don't understand anything in the thread about actually encoding things, which is probably why it seems like so much work on my end. Seems like the less I understand about things, the less patience I actually have for them.

I've always had a harder time comprehending most things than other people, which is probably why I've stuck to Video Games my whole life, as they are much easier to comprehend than most anything else.

If I could possibly get some help, that would be great.
I'm afraid it's probably going to be a while before I get off my lazy butt and do anything like getting my Super Mario RPG LP Published and getting Secret of Everymore and EarthBound done.

I'm currently royally hooked on World of Warcraft. But I'll get to them eventually. I hope. xD
Oh, okay. Cool. I'll get started doing this for my Super Mario RPG Long Play eventually.


Shameless Bump.

Oi! Dun copy me! D: LOL


You mean AviSynth, yes? There is this thread.

I will give you a simple script for a SNES gaem.
If I remember correctly, Super Mario RPG has 5 parts.

AviSource("videofilepath1") +\
AviSource("videofilepath2") +\
AviSource("videofilepath3") +\
AviSource("videofilepath4") +\

pointresize(width*2,height*2) # Double-sizes the video (320x200 -> 640x400)

SubsStart=50 # set to 25 if you recorded at 25 fps
SubsDura=250 # set to 125 if you recorded at 25 fps
Subtitle("GameName", first_frame=SubsStart, last_frame=SubsStart+SubsDura, y=408, size=24, text_color=$ffffff, align=2)
Subtitle("PLAYED BY YOURNAME", first_frame=SubsStart, last_frame=SubsStart+SubsDura+5, y=428, size=24, text_color=$ffffff, align=2)
Subtitle("", first_frame=SubsStart, last_frame=SubsStart+SubsDura+10, y=448, size=24, text_color=$ffff00, align=2)

ConvertToYV12() # Converts to YV12 colorspace for h264
Copy and paste in a AVS file. It will make more sense.

Substitute "videofilepath" with the path of the video file (example: C:\something\something\something\filename.avi). If you need to append more, just add moar AviSource and +\.

As for subtitles:
For SubsStart and SubsDura, I say change 50 to 60 for SubsStart and 250 to 300 for SubsDura (they are NTSC framerates. I guess use on NTSC games aka US and Japanese games).

Adjust y value to move the text. (Dun have a SNES script since I had to re-install XP, but that's not the point).

After making the changes, drop it in something like VLC or VirtualDub (I prefer VirtualDub just for the sake of finding frames to "trim" out).

Once done messing around with the settings, get MeGUI and make your video and audio files (video with x264 and audio with Nero AAC.).
For simplicity's sake, encode as MP4 files (be sure to name them differently. I usually add an "a" to the end of the audio file with the same name as the video file. Example: SMRPG for video and SMRPG-a for audio).

After that, mux them in MeGUI for the giga file to be uploaded to the FTP. Don't forget to get the text here. (it also has moar info).

I might edit some moar so keep [d]F5'ing[/d] checking for a change in the post.

For "Precise file size", that would be Size when you Right-click and choose Properties (I think). Copy the bytes section. It makes it a bit easier on the people who input the information.

-Play with AVS file until happy.
-Give MeGUI the same AVS file to make a video and audio file.
-Enqueue and waste time
-Tools -> Muxer -> MKV Muxer (or MP4. No real change in quality, really)
-Load to FTP
-Get past quality control
-CELEBRATE!!! =D (cake MAY be included)

Pro Tip: when uploading to FTP, be sure to set default file exists action to "Resume" (Transfer -> Default file exists action. Change Uploads to "Resume")
Shameless Bump. Until I know what I need to do as far as this script thing, I won't be able to start recording EarthBound or Secret of Evermore.
I really didn't understand any of that. I may know how to use Emulators and PC Games on this computer, but I have absolutely no idea how to make or even use scripts.

And sorry for the late reply, I've kinda been playing Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition. xD
Append them together.

To append files, use a script like this:

AviSource("videofilepath") +\
AviSource("videofilepath2") +\

AviSource can be be substituted with DirectShowSource (also, characters don't matter...or something. AviSource = AvIsOuRcE = avisource = AVISOURCE = AviSource)

In short, just add moar "AviSource +" and don't add "+" on the last file.

If you do games and you have a kazillion AVI files, appending too many will disable audio (happened to me with Chrono Trigger and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth) Can't remember if it is the time or the amount of files.

Also, don't forget to add the signature and be sure to use pointresize.
I'm not sure what to do with this Long Play now that it's been encoded to 5 AVI files.

The fifth AVI File is just most of the ending credits.
Uh oh. I may have to re-encode. Apparently the AVIs don't have Stereo Sound from what my ears are hearing.

Edit: Or maybe it's fine. My ears must be playing tricks on me.
Okay...I encoded the movie last night, but the problem is...It's in five files instead of just one.

Edit: Oh, and I missed two enemies. That Shyguy in the Pipe Vault, and Mack 2 in Smithy's factory. But, meh. He's not much stronger than the Mack in Mushroom Kingdom.
One thing I should mentioned about my LP, is that it shows all but one enemy.

I mostly rushed through the Pipe Vault, so I skipped the multicolored Shy Guy. Not like you'd have gotten to see me kill him anyway, right? xD

They run away at the beginning of every battle.
My first LP is finished. Total time from beginning to the The End screen is 8 hours and 10 minutes.

Now I just gotta make a movie outta it and it'll be ready for public viewing.
It's really weird, cause I know I ran into something like Culex once in one of the SNES Final Fantasy games, and I'm positive it wasn't FF6.

I shoulda took a screen shot or somethin'.
There's only one Dark Knight in Final Fantasy IV, and that's Cecil. (he becomes a Paladin.) Plus, there's no "Avandia" in FFIV either (you have Baron, Damcyan, Fabul, Troia, Mysidia, and Eblan.)

The only game I can think of that you fight Crystals is Final Fantasy V.
Hmm...Is it possible there is ANOTHER Dark Knight of Avandia in FF4, then?

Cause I swear I fought someone with four Crystals just last year and he blew my party away.
I have played every main Final Fantasy game (XI and XIV don't count). Culex isn't in one of them.

He is DEFINITELY not in Final Fantasy IV. I played pretty much every version of it.

Definitely not in Final Fantasy V.

The only Dark Knight there is is Cecil.
Intrestingly enough, a lot of people seem to think Culex is only in Super Mario RPG. But I HAVE found him inside of a Final Fantasy game as an Optional Boss. And he completely obliterated my ass, too.

Funny thing is, I search for him on Google or GameFAQs, and find nothing to do with Final Fantasy.

I guess it's possible the one I found in FF4 or FF5 was a different Dark Knight, though.
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