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seriously? i guess no one has ever heard of Virtualdub ^_^
If you don't know don't guess. - ArchMage (Gargoyles)
But HyperCam isn't that great (and seeing that DivX being used may mean video getting distorted and crap. Example would be my Persona 3 Portable videos).
VirtualDub isn't that great either as a recorder (tried using it with Dazzle. Got desync'd audio. >_>).

Imma give Camtasia one more shot.

In other unrelated news:
I finally figured out that one game I played a long time ago: The Peace Keepers.

Well, that is the video.

And, you still think HC isn't that great? ;)
Hello everyone. I should first start by introducing myself. I go by the name "Vyse the determined" and can usually be found on YouTube or secretly working on my main website (which I won't list in this post to avoid being accused of spamming). Some people here I'm sure already know who I am, lol.

Anyway, I signed up mainly to help aid in this video development process. I'm not huge on long plays, but I know a few things about processing videos and making them ready for YouTube. Firstly, I'll talk a little about some of the popular capturing methods for PC games. If HyperCam is used properly and you have a decent computer, it should work just fine; Streets of Rage Remake is not part of the latest craze of HD gaming and is relatively light on computer resources. HyperCam is also significantly faster than Camtasia's recorder, but playback can have more inaccuracies if computer specs aren't high enough or configured for your needs (such as distortions or more likely audio desync). I've experienced these things in Camtasia as well, though to a lesser extent.

Virtualdub can also be used for video capturing but generally yields mixed results as its main purpose is video processing and editing (in which it does an outstanding job, especially for something free). I don't really use Fraps unless a game cannot be forced into window mode (with programs like D3DWindower) and must be played fullscreen. I understand people have issues with programs, but there is no program that works for every single game, so it's better to get more acquainted with the ones available sooner rather than later.

The thing that truly matters (regardless of what capturing device or program you are using) are the codecs as well as the Encoders/Decoders. As with any program you use, you should always capture a small test or preview of anything you intend to record long-term (a few minutes is usually good) to watch the playback. I won't say anymore at the moment because tests are still underway, but if you have questions, feel free to ask.

I think I figured out my Camtasia problem with the speeding up and slowing down. >_>
I think it is the same thing that plagues HyperCam: rectangle showing when you are recording.

But...I don't think I am done. I'm going to play around with AviSynth. Something tells me I'm going to have to use DirectShowSource. >_>

I will [d]totally not[/d] clog the FTP with a test video in case someone (like the mods, which I am and am not, and/or "that one person". :3) want to check it out.

LOL. Who knew a simple freeware game that FRAPS can't pick up will cause lots o' drama. XD [d]I think I caused it. =X[/d]
Upon seeing that one vidya, I have to say I have to eat my socks. The quality is...surprisingly good. o_o Too bad when I do it, it won't be in Aech-Dee. I doubt my iMac can handle Camtasia and the game in full screen at 1920x1080.

I declare this thread as the BEST. THREAD. EVAR!!
[d]Oi! Dubbul poe-st![/d]

Okay, mod doodz whatever.
I have uploaded a Sample-ple-ple of SoRR (along with a small [d]strangely named text file that looks out of place[/d] [d]perfectly ordinary[/d] text file). Give me some 5 minutes of your time (and maybe an extra 2 minutes to make a response) and tell me is it decent or wha?

If Ravenlord STILL wants to do it, I'm okay with it. I won't do it.
If not, I call shotgun!!
I won't do it, you have all the honor to do it yourself, good luck ;)
I have other games at the moment :)
Sic Parvis Magna
So, it seems no Longplay of SoRR? :(

Oh and hi, Vyse. :)
It's still on [d]like Donkey Kong[/d]. I'm just [d]hijacking it[/d] taking over it
Just that a kazillion sample-ple-ples have to get past commanda ScHlAuChi-sama. :3
I just hope I don't quit.
.tsop elbuod

I did another sample-ple-ple, and commanda ScHlAuChi-sama is please. :3

/elite beat agents
SoRR. Is. GO!!!
/end elite beat agents
That's good to hear.

Lolol, hey Highretro. I'd go on and on about how small the world is if I didn't know you were already here XD -- Good job presenting this for longplay status.
*pokes Tsunao*

Any update so far?
Dun poke me. D:
Yeeeaaahh...I could've started but:
--Was running out of space on HDD (Jikandia's fault. Thankfully, I finished it not too long ago)
--Was playing other gaemz (well...not really. I just played Bayonetta. :3 Played a bit of Lost Odyssey. Almost have all achievements for LO. May or may not have contributed to this. I do, however, blame The 3rd Birthday.)
--I found a way to play PS2 games from my computer using Open PS2 Loader (PS2 connected to router connected wireless to iMac). Then....I got some hal.dll error. Re-installed XP. I soon realized that the error came from partitioning the hard drive. >_> So much for Zombie Hunters 2.

Now that I have Jikandia ready to upload (would've been ready, but I did shoddy editing), I can get rid of the clips to make room for this gaem.
A whole month is gone and still no word.

Impa: I am sure (s)he is alright.
[d]100%[/d] 99.9% male. I just have a picture of Saki because I <3 Saki (pigtails, man.)
Got held up by stuff.
I'm almost done.
So why are you 0,1 % female? XD

Anyways, it is good to hear that your work is coming to fruition!
Think about what happened, the Plaza as a C & D issued, and the time to do some resurrection (a remake or a time trigger something) and the timing trigger it: dark red unsuccessful. Easter is canceled....
My thoughts exactly.

Either it is: 1) random gibberish, 2) some foreign language ran through the failure that is Google Translation, 3) a prophecy, 4) a reply meant for another forum, or 5) something to mindfrak people.

Putting two and two together, he/she/it is probably talking about a similar situation with Chrono Trigger (C&D, Plaza, Time, Resurrection, remake, Time Trigger, timing trigger: dark red). "Chronos" does deal with time (or rather the god of Time...or some sh.). There was a CT fan remake called Chrono Trigger Resurrection, but Squaresoft (Plaza) issued a C&D. As for the "Dark Red" thing? My money says Crimson Echoes (another CT fangame. Square gave C&D to it as well, but it is on the interwebz somewhere. Crimson is a darker shade of red.).

My above reply is an excuse to give an update:
When I said that I started it at that time: I lied (dun hurt me, bro! D:) This time, the truth: I actually started on it, and I have 2 paths cleared (SoR1 "path" and SoR2 "path"). I dunno if I should stop at getting 3 endings (one for SoR3) or just show all the endings.

An insight:
--One ending involves clearing the game with Rudra.
--One ending is SoR1 "Becoming the boss"
--On the SoR3 "path", there are 3 different endings: destroy the bomb and defeat Shiva (the good one), defeat Shiva without destroying the bomb (neutral?), and running out of time (bad).
--And the impossible(?): 1CC Single Player Mania clear (no continues. No cheats. No CPU partner. Mania only. [d]Final Destination.[/d])

Like hell I'm going through the game 8 times. I will probably use Stage Select to show bomb endings, Rudra ending, and "Becoming the boss". As for Mania, I will probably give it a full run using either SoR3!Blaze or Adam (I prefer SoR3!Blaze anyway).

Gibberish is about Chrono Trigger. 2 endings done, dunno if I want to do all endings or just show the main "good" 3 endings.
Well, my first thought was "Advertising bot!!!111!!11!oneoneoneeleven", because of its signature. :S

Spambot would also work. *g*

Anyways, back to topic now! *poses as a superhero and points with the forefinger into the air*

Seems you don't lie now. *g* And seems like a good progress, too.

I...I just hope you will finish this at the end of the year.
As you know, 2012 will be the last year of mankind. *shudders*

So I want to see it this year, before I have to die next year. ;)
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