Streets of Rage Remake

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Ok, I've already written it 2 times on YT to you, but who cares? XD

Yeah, what I wanted to say is.... THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! /end spam
Heh. [d]I can totally ban you. I know how. >:3[/d]

Well, I did do a test video and commandah ScHlAuChi approved. :3 Same settings as last time, minus the compression thing (apparently, it wasn't the rectangle thing, but rather the codec's setting. Better compression effs the video up.) JonL is working on processing it (again, I could've added it to the archive myself.) If it was, say, a SNES, Genesis, anything recorded from emulator, then I would've skipped the FTP. :3 (like I did Phalanx) The joys of being a mod...I think.

There's only, what, 2 people that I know of on this site that approves crap: ScHlAuChi and JonL. I would include myself, but that doesn't count. :3 (I can't check and approve my own video. Then that case, I would do PS2 vidz with Failzzle. LOL) Then there's RickyC and T-0185, but they upload their own crap and skip the FTP because they are good that way. LOL Dunno if they process other people's crap. Still dunno what the hell Geekmeister does. He is Admin (maybe he/she/it was the one who made me moddy. o_o;). Dunno wha tthe hell hipoonios does, who is Webmastah (same title as JonL). Maybe hipoonios do some processing...Iunno.

Fun fact: Mania mode ending didn't require 1CC. I just had to beat it without savestates. In other words: one sitting without quitting (heh. I maed rhyme. :3)
Of course I like you. :} ([d]Just says that to avoid a ban[/d])

Hum, you might want to ask other Longplayers in the cubex55 team if it's accetable?
Y u no liek me?! D:

I would upload it to the cubex55 channel, but I dunno if the LP is acceptable (I did the same thing to Arcana Heart 3 and Rockman 7 FC, and they got accepted.)


Oh wait, you are NOT a girl...okay, then I don't, sorry! :p
I guess something about fans...a Bible...or something. I wonder what that is about. Sounds pretty epic if you ask me. I think I read about no one buys the old Sega games, which is true for the physical copies. People nowadays get it via digital download (XBLA has SoR2. Dunno about VC and PSN) True there is no profit...unless they buy the digital versions.

[d]Excuse for people to look at my channel!! SUBSCRIBE 2 ME NAO AND B MY LOYAL SERVANT!!!!!11!! >:3[/d]

It's going to be awhile until it gets uploaded to the archive (I could've done it myself, but I dun know if the video is even acceptable.) JonL is kinda working on it. How he has time to upload to archive and not do a LP is anyone's guess. :3 Only he knows. [d]May or may not be related to Minecraft. :3[/d]

To keep anyone expecting this busy, I haz one part up.
Do not know why the fan to past games, because the Bible is horrible, no one will buy this old Sega games anyway so there is no profit, for the time-triggered....


Actually, SORR is a remake of 3 console games-in-1 for the PC :p

But...PC =/= console, but then again, the game is based on console games...wait...brainfart. XP


I have to admit, I didn't realize that the characters in SORR all have a different assist, I thought it depends on the level and situation. Uuuh...

Everyone has the police assist except for Mr.X, Shiva, Ash, Elle, and Rudra.

Ash, Elle, and Rudra can be used indoors.
Mr. X and Shiva does nothing (Mr. X lawlz and Shiva is all "WTF?")
Of course, police assist depends on stage (at least SoR1 Stage 7 doesn't have a police car shooting very high at the elevator. XD)



-insert "THIS! IS! SPARTA!" with "SPARTA!" replaced by a word relevant to subject. Bonus points if it is two syllables-
"Or it might be my laziness to do a console gaem."

Actually, SORR is a remake of 3 console games-in-1 for the PC :p

"the entry on TVTropes is a lie"

As long as it is not C43K, it's fine! =)

"Rudra and Elle could be great since their Assist works indoors."

I have to admit, I didn't realize that the characters in SORR all have a different assist, I thought it depends on the level and situation. Uuuh...

"SoR1!Blaze's headband pwnz Axel's dirty headband."


Or it might be my laziness to do a console gaem.

[d]Reply = excuse to post/update[/d]

Looked around the interwebz about the Mania ending. Apparently, I don't have to 1CC it and I can use a CPU partner. (the entry on TVTropes is a lie! D:)

Just need to decide who to play with (9 times out of 10, Blaze) and a CPU partner (prolly Axel...again! Might try Adam. Rudra and Elle could be great since their Assist works indoors.)

I said it once, and I'll say it again.
SoR1!Blaze's headband pwnz Axel's dirty headband.
Mayb3 you lik3 Str33ts of Rag3 mor3?


huge army

Dun hurt me, bro!

Got Rudra ending. Dunno how I did it, but I 1CC'd it on Normal. I could only take one more hit, didn't have enough life to do a special, and I was on my last life. Mr. X rushed up to attack while I was occupied with a baddie. I pressed the combo button and he ran right into it.
Now to use Stage Select, pick Mr. X, and get the boss ending (tiem paradox!!). After that, I will try to keep sane while doing a 1CC Mania run.

If I have this much dedication or whatever to do SoRR, then why I don't have the dedication to finish Atelier Iris 3 on my FailTube channel and finish Parasite Eve II. >_>
"On the subject of headbands:
Blaze headband > Axel headband.
Yes, I said it."

Don't worry, everything will be fine. :)

*sends out a huge army to Tsunao's house* :-D
I'm the other way around.
I mainly use Blaze (and Adam sometimes) and have Axel as partner.

I chose Elle because I was trying to use a different partner.
For SoR1, I used SoR1!Blaze and SoR1!Axel for the sake of nostalgia. It got ruined on the last stage when CPU Axel lost all of his lives and the CPU used Sammy. >_> Not related: I like Blaze's headband. :3

For SoR2, I would've used a team of Adam and Sammy, but Sammy ruined SoR1 path. >_> So I opted for Shiva for some possible tiem paradox. Apparently, SoR2!Blaze's fireball special is powerful (was trying some missions). Should've went Adam and SoR2!Blaze.

For SoR3, I chose SoR3!Blaze and Elle. Elle got pwned, so CPU chose a furry. Furry lost all of his lives, and the CPU did it again. >_> Would've chose Rudra for another tiem paradox(?), but decided not to.

On the subject of headbands:
Blaze headband > Axel headband.
Yes, I said it.
Hum, I usually have as CPU partner Blaze. (next to Axel Stone in the select screen)

She is incredibly good.
I looked around to see how to get Rudra's ending, and I have to go through SoR1 final stage. So much for going through the other SoR2 path (there is a junction in the Jungle stage that goes across a bridge and then to a waterfall section, where SoR1!Onihime and SoR1!Yasha aka Mona and Lisa are ready to kick butt. Then it goes through a cave to a lab section where Robo-X is spammed. After that, a small escape section and then the elevator gauntlet.) I can get on the SoR1 path by going through the hole made after defeating the alien dragon thingy in the Amusement Park (boss is the SoR1 claw dude.) Then again, friggin' Jet in SoR2 Bridge. The robots aren't too bad IMO. Spam throws? Then again, lasers and swinging morning star thingies are oh-so fun.

Here is a thought:
Robots + 2P/CPU Partner (that doubles the amount) + dual bosses (it's a "cheat") + Mania

Oh, and I completed the SoR3 "path" (started from Red Light District and then it goes to SoR2 Bridge and then a detour in Amusement Park and through a tunnel.) I did absolutely HORRIBLE!! (at least I didn't continue) Did help that my partner wasn't that great (Elle aka a playable Electra). At least her "Assist" is useful (can be used indoors as well). She lost all her lives and I got stuck with Roo not once but twice. I was trying to get the good ending (defuse bomb and then defeat Shiva), but I accidentally went down one more floor and couldn't defeat Shiva in time (bad ending). I decided to use Event Viewer to show the other 2 endings.
Well, would be cool if you could show all endings, but if you can't, then you can't. (I know them anyways, so it doesn't affect me, lol)

Dude, the robots are already a pain in the butt...IN THE the easiest setting, have fun with them in Mania. :)
I don't believe it.
Oh, I will be finished before 2012. I'm just trying to figure out if I want to show all endings (I might do Mania from beginning to end). I think I have a plan:
-Stage Select to show other bomb endings
-Stage Select for "boss" ending (will show going through SoR1 Stage 8)
-No Stage Select for Rudra (will go down SoR2 path since it is a little easier IMO. Robots in Stage 7 and Jet in Stage 2 aren't the funnest bosses. Plus, there's another path)
-Do Mania from beginning (will do SoR1 path since Robots and Jet are raegquit.)

But...the other path won't be shown (SoRR new stage). It goes down SoR3, but SoR3 path isn't fun (both paths lead to the Warehouse/Construction Site junction, but only if one goes through the Park area of the Amusement Park stage when going from Red Light District aka SoR3 Stage 2. Also, the SoRR new stage does have a junction that goes into the club, and then goes down the SoR2 path. Can still go to SoR3 path by going through Park Area).

There is a map here.
Well, my first thought was "Advertising bot!!!111!!11!oneoneoneeleven", because of its signature. :S

Spambot would also work. *g*

Anyways, back to topic now! *poses as a superhero and points with the forefinger into the air*

Seems you don't lie now. *g* And seems like a good progress, too.

I...I just hope you will finish this at the end of the year.
As you know, 2012 will be the last year of mankind. *shudders*

So I want to see it this year, before I have to die next year. ;)
My thoughts exactly.

Either it is: 1) random gibberish, 2) some foreign language ran through the failure that is Google Translation, 3) a prophecy, 4) a reply meant for another forum, or 5) something to mindfrak people.

Putting two and two together, he/she/it is probably talking about a similar situation with Chrono Trigger (C&D, Plaza, Time, Resurrection, remake, Time Trigger, timing trigger: dark red). "Chronos" does deal with time (or rather the god of Time...or some sh.). There was a CT fan remake called Chrono Trigger Resurrection, but Squaresoft (Plaza) issued a C&D. As for the "Dark Red" thing? My money says Crimson Echoes (another CT fangame. Square gave C&D to it as well, but it is on the interwebz somewhere. Crimson is a darker shade of red.).

My above reply is an excuse to give an update:
When I said that I started it at that time: I lied (dun hurt me, bro! D:) This time, the truth: I actually started on it, and I have 2 paths cleared (SoR1 "path" and SoR2 "path"). I dunno if I should stop at getting 3 endings (one for SoR3) or just show all the endings.

An insight:
--One ending involves clearing the game with Rudra.
--One ending is SoR1 "Becoming the boss"
--On the SoR3 "path", there are 3 different endings: destroy the bomb and defeat Shiva (the good one), defeat Shiva without destroying the bomb (neutral?), and running out of time (bad).
--And the impossible(?): 1CC Single Player Mania clear (no continues. No cheats. No CPU partner. Mania only. [d]Final Destination.[/d])

Like hell I'm going through the game 8 times. I will probably use Stage Select to show bomb endings, Rudra ending, and "Becoming the boss". As for Mania, I will probably give it a full run using either SoR3!Blaze or Adam (I prefer SoR3!Blaze anyway).

Gibberish is about Chrono Trigger. 2 endings done, dunno if I want to do all endings or just show the main "good" 3 endings.
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