Guilty Gear X and XX (tagged for removal)

Last updated on 13 years ago
I wonder if someone like Deskawa could do the PS2 game Guilty Gear X and XX as Millia Rage or Sol Badguy (one of those characters in each game) without losing and maybe with at least one perfect round.
GGX is already recorded (PC version) and I played it with Venom, but I have a psychological barrier against GGXX as I don't feel with the energy to complete the story mode. As you may know the game has like 18 characters and each one has 3 endings and none of them is considered the true one, so I'd be obligued to do them all.

Anyway, I thought about doing the Arcade mode with Zappa, which is the coolest character in the series IMO :P Millia'd be a great choice too, I'll think about it if I finally begin with it.
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