Osama Bin Laden dead

Last updated on 13 years ago
Good riddance! :D

One terrorist less on the planet!
Really stupid topic for gaming forum ;)
And yes stupid subject too, especially if you're an American ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
But...we have an "off topic" page and this isn't related to gaming...but... LOL
Might as well delete the whole "off topic" page. :3

Gbatemp has an off topic page, and it is a gaming site (or rather, a site on stuff about homebrew stuff, flashcarts, scene releases, things of that nature)

Back on subject:
I'm glad he is dead, but I'm not really all that surprised or hyped. If it helps, I'm American and I'm really not all patriotic and crap. (If I could, I would not stand when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. I did it a few times in high school. Sadly, one person in school got in trouble for not standing during the Pledge of Allegiance. Y so serious?)

Royal wedding...big whoop!!
Osama's dead...another big whoop!!

What I expect for the next few days or weeks:
controversy (especially with the so-called "picture of dead bin Laden" that news media are showing. >_>), a documentary (just like what they did to Japan's earthquake, which I give my condolences to), moar news coverage, calling fakes, even MOAR newz cuhveraeg!!, and then everyone will forget. Besides, I'm not a politics person anyway.
To be honest i have a bad feeling im my stomack al quida will Take revenge. :/

I am German. ;)

@ Tsunao

Good point about the off-topic. I mean, why having an OT section if nobody uses it? And besides, it says "Anything else in here." ...

I am with you, maybe even the whole month will be about OBL's death.

@ Raidennn

Might be, might not be...I'm neutral at this one. On the one side, the AQ might take revenge, on the other side, they might fear the Americans now, and are a planless without OBL.
Osama being dead won't change much, except proberly slow them down for a bit. Remember, the july 7th attacks in london were planned by the guys who took out the attack, four guys based and born in the UK, with limite contact with AQ. AQ are international terrorists, Bin Laden is just one man, an important man, no less, but just one man, they are hardly planless. They'll proberly be planning more attacks in revenge, it just up to our security and intelligence services to stop them.

While i'll agree this one point, he is better of dead then being captured alive. As the diplomatic shitstorm of who in the world gets to procecute and convict him, at least this way he's dead and finally he got what was coming to him
Well, Osama Bin Laden's body was buried at sea so no shrine will be built to honor him.
Well, he didn't deserve a shrine or any kind of honor in the first place.
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