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Got rid of my old one because I felt it wasn't that great. [d]And no one liked me. D:[/d]

Teh new thread!!

Gaem(z) in progress:
-Golden Sun: The Lost Age - started; heading to Madra. - [d]on the slow burner[/d] dunno if this will be completed.
-Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - one story down, 2 more to go - Started Ventus's story, raging on Vanitas at the moment.
-Sonic Advance 2 - started; almost done with Sonic's story.

Gaem(z) I want to do (or requests I chose to undertake):
-A PSP game
Persona 3 Portable (requested)
Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection
Ikkitousen: Xross Impact (goddammit, ScHlAuChi)
Pursuit Force
Pursuit Force 2 (I forget it's subtitle thingy)
Prinny (he demands it)
Prinny 2 (read above)
Ultimate Ghouls 'n Ghosts (or whatever the title is.)
[d]An update? I kinda miss my old thread. D:[/d]

Wall o' text ahoy!!
I think I can ditch my PSP now since I can get some PSX gaemz recorded...or something.

Sadly, PSXjin doesn't want to switch discs for Chrono Cross (and Parasite Eve, which I had thoughts of redoing, but I think I won't.)

Disc switching works for Xenogears and Parasite Eve II (which I was happen to be doing on teh PSP). I think I will start all the way over on Parasite Eve II.

I think I will also throw in a few other PSX games:
Castlevania: Chronicles, Brave Fencer Musashi (which refused to run on my PSP. There may be some spots with no music.), Omega Boost (will have to skip ALL FMVs), Suikoden (goal: all 108 Stars), Suikoden II (all 108 stars), maybe SotN (might replace that shitty one I did), Final Fantasy IV, G-Darius (might have to "tool assist" because it ISN'T one of the easier Darius games.), maybe a few Parodius games, which are probably only 2 or so...Iunno (hyped for Otomedius Excellent, yo!!) [d]and Xenogears (Deus will be SUPER fun!). Since Karuto wants to do it, I will do it on my own FailTube channel. I MIGHT hold on to the finished product. >:3[/d]

Looks like Chrono Cross stays for the PSP.

Oh, and since I raeg'd on PEII, I started The 3rd Birthday, but I only passed Episode 0. =X Stopped to look up on OE Board (I can get Haste and Kill Boost.) I then went to GameFAQs to get a save data for moar costumes, but decided not to worry about it. And then...I stopped recording all together. I will get to that later.

I iz now unmotivated. >_>
if you need the cinematics for Omega Boost. In the past i remembered there's a way to extract those movies out of PS1 games, don't ask me how.

A long time back i wanted to see all the cinematics of Mortal Kombat Mythologies, as that game was really a pain in the ass. Didn't got further then the 2nd level.

You should look for info to get that program.

For the SotN replacement, leave the PSP version. And play the PSX version. Don't replace it, just only make a PSP version of it.
I use PSXVideo if I just want to enjoy an old RPG's movies: http://www.feldoncentral.com/psxvideo/

Or just pop it in your computer, grab the video files, and convert them.
"Live by one's own strength, stand on one's own feet."
But why would I replace a PSX longplay with a PSP game? Hell, the both are different (you can fight Maria in the DXC version, unlike the PSX version.)

I have to unlock SotN on DXC anyway (a little easier said than done in some sense), and who plays DXC only for SotN? o_O The last time I played it, it was for the RoB remake (cared less for SotN anyway).

I download that PSXvideo thing, but I dun know how to use it. >_>;
I will play around with it later. Now, if you'll excuse, I have to play around with some things to see if I can get a good recording (or rather a good codec, especially for G-Darius. Lots of shit fly around the place and it may cause lag. This is no problem for me. Just shuffling between ffdshow's configurations and TSCC and testing 320x240 and 640x480)
[d]Does anyone care?[/d]

I shouldn't have got my hopes all up. LOL

The emulator is quite "picky". Now I have to throw out:
--Castlevania: Chronicles (absurd loading and no Simon sprite on Arrange. Loads FASTER on the PSP)
--SotN (either it is the game, the emulator, or the controller. Can't be emulator because I turned off Dual Shock Mode and can't be controller because emulator picks up the controller. Has to be the game. Looks like I won't be replacing it after all XD)
--Xenogears (flickering while moving. Plays normally on PSP...except for probably friggin' Deus! Sound effect sounds weird.)
--Mega Man Legends (well, shit happens after the Capcom screen, like loading the blue screen. If I skip, it plays normal, or so I think)
--Mega Man Legends 2 (Capcom screen, and then flatout refuses to load)
--Wild 9 (same as PSP: no music, man.)

Then again, I shouldn't be expecting some miracle. There is also psxfin, but I have to play with FRAPS and no music (like I did Arcana Heart 3 and Rockman 7 FC, minus the FRAPS).

Looks like Chronicles and Xenogears staying on PSP (where they do work with little to no problems). :3

PSX + emulation = LOL

At least I can have fun with Musashiden (with no music in some sections, like the rolling head fleeing part. Reminds me of Gunners Heaven problem.)

--edit without double posting
I give up. >_> I can't get a good recording of Musashi without having to fix audio video desync. >_> Welp, there goes Musashi. I'm sticking with PSP for Parasite Eve II and Chrono Cross.
[d]Shameless bump![/d]
Pretty much gave up on PSXjin and its internal recorder. Unless someone knows how to get it to work without having to play with audio desync, tell me. In the meanwhile, PSX games will be done with a PSP. :3

Thread has been quiet.
Streets of Rage Remake is done (it is being processed.)

For my next game, I decided to take a jab at Monster Tale. It is a really great game, minus the backtracking. >_>

Still have to finish Parasite Eve II (just don't feel like redoing Disc 1, even though it is short.)

I think I will try to juggle PEII and Monster Tale (Monster Tale is short, but not too short.)
threads are not as active as they used to be.
If you want to prove yourself...First you must complete the task you're given. - Auron (Final Fantasy X)
Well, that depends on what kind of thread (points at SoRR request thread. Mainly filled with raeging on getting a decent recording. I prevailed. :3)

Since you are here, you still going to do Super Princess Peach? I have thoughts on doing it (I played through it once.), but you had plans to do it (I see no initiative, yo! It's been months.)

I started on Monster Tale. Just defeated the 2nd Kid King. 3 moar to go (I think. Can't remember.)
Monster Tale FINISHED!
Only possible due to it running normal while recording AVI (like with Super Princess Peach). Just have to do the encoding thingamabob.

Now to figure out another DS game...I think.
I could do Super Princess Peach unless Valis77 is still going to tackle it (doesn't take long to clear anyway.).

I think I will fall on Avalon Code...Iunno.
Dunno how to do it:
1) Go through the damn game without a care in the world (I would probably end up weak).
2) Go through the game while going to as many points of interest as possible (can't get full 1000 CP on all areas due to having to have a certain Metalize to "make" that certain weapon, armor, what-has-you to even get the point of interest), as well as clearing Future Vision, while skipping friendship events (except for maybe love interests...iunno. I will probably do Fana, or whatever her name is, to heal her illness.)
3) Do friendship events, which may require me to use the MP refill code (going back and forth to the basement and doing Judgment Links is oh-so fun.) MP Refill code will only be used for that (if I abused it, I would just LOLspam Spirit Magic and healing items)

I will figure out something.

In the meantime, I guess I will play on a FlyFF private server (LOL) so I can get a YJ to 80-M to farm Savage Wilds so I can get some points for a new server.
Playing around with arcade emulators because I want to do Killer Instinct 2 and Psycho Soldier.
Don't gimme Final Burn Alpha. It can't play those.

Since "fans" demand 1CC shit, I will try to find some way to 1CC Psycho Soldier (it really isn't the easiest game. >_> Last stage is meh due to walls and enemies and Stage 5 boss is RAEG!! Have to figure out pattern.).
If not, I will probably show failure after failure.

I could just do Killer Instinct 2. No Jago (problem?). Kim "dat a" Wu, kthx. People might moan and groan about it not being 1CC. Fulgore and Gargos aren't the easiest mid-boss and boss respectively, 'specially Gargos. >_> Games are NEVER fun on low difficulties.

Is Tsunao interested in this game series?

From what I read, Nobunaga's Ambition?
Not really a big fan of those kind of games. =X
Hell, I don't even know how the game plays (and only some have been released in the US.) Doesn't help that I don't know any Japanese (a little bit.).
[d]Totally not bumping.[/d]
Since I am sorta raeging on Psycho Soldier (not really), I think I will do the GBA versions of Magical Quest. :3

Still have to finish Parasite Eve II for "him".
Aw man, I was working on Magical Quest 2 for GBA :(
Well, I will stop then.
If you have MQ1 done (or plan to do it and MQ3), then I won't bother uploading it here.

Besides, this is perfect timing anyway. I was going to replace the MQ games on my FailTube channel anyway. =P (I only did 1 and 2. Would've done 3, but I somehow got bored of it. Never made it past Stage 1 anyway. XD)

Now...BACK TO TRYING TO 1CC PSYCHO SOLDIER!!...or do a PS2 gaem for my FailTube channel...[d]or start processing and uploading videos to archive and cubex55[/d]...or finishing Parasite Eve II (as long as "he" doesn't harm me. D:)...or stomach Dancing Sword: Senkou (probably will only finish one storyline.)
No. I only plan to do MQ2.
Ah. Well, I will upload Magical Quest 1 and 3 then. :3
I will do MQ2, but only for my FailTube channel.
[d]Update-date? Wall o' text ho![/d]
Still plan to do Psycho Soldier and Killer Instinct 2. KI2 is no problem since I WILL lose to either Fulgore or Gargos (or both). Oh, sorry for not using a rerecording Mame emulator that has rerecording and AVI recording. /sarcasm
I checked. Found one, but is said to not have input rerecording.

Psycho Soldier may require clever editing and savestate abuse since people demand 1CC. >_>

Trouble Witches is no problem. Dunno if it will be accepted since there was some stuttering(?). That is why I don't upload my own LPs that are made from Camtasia (Arcana Heart 3, Rockman 7 FC, and Streets of Rage Remake)

Waiting for dat Magical Quest 2 so I can do Magical Quest 3 (still have to do MQ2 for my FailTube channel).

Still want to do Birth By Sleep, but I dunno if RickyC will do it since he/she/it did pretty much every KH game (or if he CAN do BBS.). If I had something better than a Dazzle, I could do Re:Chain of Memories. (still have to beat it.)

Hesitant on giving another Super Metroid LP. It sorta improves over the one uploaded (100%), but it takes time into account. In other words: a speedrun with glitches and stuff utilized (machballing, early Super Missiles, Spore Spawn skip, Missile Lake Shinespark, sequence breaking in general.)

In other news: I started on Golden Sun. =)
Great GBA RPG if you ask me (or might be that I am on the GS bandwagon...or I just plain love RPGs, from crappy to great.)
Progress: Mercury Lighthouse before Saturos fight (sequence break to avoid backtracking. Was suppose to go to Kolima so I would be more powerful at the Lighthouse. =P Stopped to grind so I can stand a change against friggin' Saturos. Doubt I can beat him at Level 9. Pyroclasm hits hard, yo.)

I just hope Parasite Eve II don't become LOLdelayed like when I was doing UTK2. I don't want to go through the first disc again, even if it's short. >_> Chasers are not fun, man. I don't care if they can be abused with Plasma and Pyrokinesis. Then there's the giant Stalker...>_>
Then there's my current situation with an Xbax and Bayonetta and Trouble Witches Neo and MAYBE Onechanbara (played a bit. I <3 Saki. 'Tis the pigtails, man.). Too many 360 gaemz in the backlog, man. Doesn't help that I am an achivement junkie.

Had no problems doing Psycho Soldier. I was wrong on the rerecording Mame emulator.

Now to do KI2 (eff your Jagos, Orchids, and Mayas. Kim Wu is where it's at.).

Now...I need to figure out if there is even a way to get Triggerheart Exelica, Ikaruga, and Dead or Alive 2 to work on a Mame emulator (I always wanted to try DoA. Not in it for teh bewbz.)
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