Rotating the video question

Last updated on 13 years ago
Excuse me, but when I finished my Puzzle League DS longplay not long ago, I recorded it, and it came out in the normal direction, which means it came out like this:

[img width=300][/img]

(I did not do anything to it. It's played in vertical mode, but can be changed to horinzontal mode. Also, it is supposed to be blue, but VLC made the snapshot redish... Nice!)

How can I rotate it in AVIsynth?
From here.


If TurnLeft don't work, add # to TurnLeft and erase # from TurnRight.
Fun fact: # "turns off" a script in AviSynth.

Here is an awesome thread on how to edit with AviSynth (like getting side-by-side view for DS videos.

If VLC fudges up the snapshot, use VirtualDub instead. Load your video file (or AviSynth file), go to a spot that you want to get a snapshot of, press Home, move 1 or 2 frames into the video, press End, then go to File -> Export -> Image Sequence.
OK, thank you!
No problem.
Here to confirm (I guess.)
Use TurnLeft.
Might need to use PointResize since the video is 384x256.

Oh, and here is a piccy. :3
[img width=300][/img]
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