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I suck at introductions, so I shall keep this short.

Name's Ryochan, and I'm in love with video games but I suck at playing most anything but RPGs. So I decided recently to watch playthroughs of games I can't beat so I know what's going on, and that led me here.

I would probably not have signed up, but as I watched the games played, I was thinking I may try a few longplays of RPGs myself, once I figure out how to do the editing and all, so hey, why not join? Besides, then I can comment too!

Anyway, hope to get along with everyone and hello!
Welcome to the community
Sic Parvis Magna
Welcome, I recommend you to pick a short game (like a fighting game) so your first time editing isn't a nightmare :)
Welcome to the community.
Thanks for the welcomes.

Des: I would, except you've obviously never seen me at a fighting game :D *sit in corner... spam kicks... hope to win*
Hey there,this is Mark,glad to join this forum and glad to meet you here,I look forward to getting some inspiration and getting to know you.

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Welcome! if you want to know about recording and stuff we have forums and section providing what you need to make a longplay perfect. ^_^
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