Dukenukem forever

Last updated on 13 years ago
i Wonder if someone can do dukenukem forever.
I would love to see a high quality long play of that game similar to the portal 2 longplay

I've actually started to hear some bad things about this game recently.

Bad Controls and such. So I'm going to go to Gamestop tomorrow, and see if I can exchange my Pre-Order to In Store Credit instead.

I'll be at around $148 toward a 3DS if I can.

I'm sure someone will do a LP of it eventually, though. ;3
perhaps you shouldn't bought it for console, but for PC. Since that's where Duke Nukem 3d originally came for.

I know there are N64 and PSX versions of it as well, but i bet this game plays better on PC.

I'm just downloading the game right now from Steam. I'm wondering how this game will be :D Can't wait till it's finally downloaded and installed. It's 6,5gb big.
I got my money back for it as In Store Credit.

Means I should be getting a 3DS in a few weeks.
Does the game suck?
Folie à plusieurs.
Joystiq gave it a 2 our of 5.

I fear it'll get the same score or worse on X Play if it gets reviewed.
What was wrong with the game?
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If you're going to put so much stock into reviews, then you're never going to enjoy video games as much as you ought to.

I would've gotten the game. If you didn't like it, you could've just returned it and then put the money towards the 3DS. Simply changing your mind over a review or two means you never give most games a chance.


If you're going to put so much stock into reviews, then you're never going to enjoy video games as much as you ought to.

I know, right?
That is why I never pay attention to reviews and just get a game if it seems interesting to me. Some that I can think of are Onechanbara, Bullet Witch, and pretty much anything from Gust (a favorite company) on PS2 (they use 2-D graphics. Oh noes! Game isn't 3-D!). Dunno how the current-gen Gust games fared in NA (Atelier Rorona and Ar Tonelico Qoga.)
Duke Forever is a bit different then the previous Duke 3d. You can only carry 2 weapons, and have to switch very often, also the ammo runs out very quickly.

It has puzzles and all that crap. The girls are nice, and you see bare titties, further nothing else. In the 1st level there are a lot of easter eggs from the previous games, graphicly it isn't the best, even when running everything high (HD) the game shows somehow blurry in the background.

The fun and action is allright in this one. I think most review sites or magazines can be right about the number given. You just should play it someday.
Fuck the reviews, opinions vary and I always follow my own, so I will try the game and judge for myself, I never listen to any reviews
Sic Parvis Magna
Same is for me, i #OOPS# the reviews too, but since i played this game, and am half way through, playing on 2nd difficulty, then i know how this game plays. But you will see for yourself, still the Duke kicks ass!!!

Some bosses are pretty hard to beat, but if you know the tacs by a few times dieing, you will understand.
I might pick up a copy of the game in a month or so.

Right now the 3DS and a game or two are my top priority.
All those bad reviews makes me WANT to play this game. lol
Folie à plusieurs.
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