Can I render the video with something else??

Last updated on 13 years ago
This might be a dumb question but...Lets say I just got finished making a a LP can i just throw the avi in something like...Camtasia Studio 7 render it in 720p/1080p HD then just use MeGUI to put the disclaimer thing in it? Smaller file for me to upload, faster rendering, doesn't take up to much of my memory, and plus HD =). If not that is perfectly OK I am just trying to find the best way for me to do this.
I dont think you can put the disclaimer thing on with megui without having to encode the whole video again.

Megui is used correctly should be a smaller file at the same quality than cam studio gives and in my exp quicker too.

I dont think you have to use megui but the file must be encoded with H264 codec in a mp4/mkv container and have the disclaimer on and megui is, when done a few times, the easiest and best way of doing it.

If cam studio does h264 you could always upload a test video. Only modern console/PC should be rendered at 720p though and avoid 1080p rendering due to file size + needs good comp to play files.
I am glad you asked this because I thought the same thing once upon a time. After testing my video with Camtasia, Handbrake, and Premiere Pro, I decided MeGui just looks the best with the least amount of artifacts with low size. The ultimate reason for this is that it affords you the most control. You may have to study the settings and try a few times to get a result you like but the reward is worth it. Hang in there!
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