Anyone worried about Bill S.978?

Last updated on 13 years ago

This would affect the Longplay community in general.
According to someone who posted as cubex55 (not me), cubex55 is based in Sweden. US laws can't touch it...unless I am missing something (kinda like PirateBay I think and graf_chokolo, a PS3 hacker(?) who doesn't live in US and wasn't causing harm to Sony.)

I, however, am a bit worried about my channel (a bit, since, despite having some 4.9k or so subscribers, no one watches my videos.). Then again, I'm not paying attention to the bill. I wonder if changing my channel location will work. :3
I don't see it passing given the breakdown in the Senate. However, should still watch it because it is a minor issue given the upcoming election year and it is possible it could be given a pass just to move along to other things....
Well, from what I've read, since Youtube is based, and runs in the US - regardless where you live you can be prosecuted, since the servers you upload to are in US territory or whatever.

I don't think the bill will pass (as current wording) since think about it, machinma (etc) are partners on youtube, thus bringing ad revenue to google and themselves. Shut down gaming a good percentage of views and revenue will go much down.

I foresee if this does pass, indie companies and maybe some major ones stating in TOS that you can. Since minecraft has launched over youtube pretty much, and Its the new way of word of mouth. If somebody with 100K subs plays a game, ppl are going to more likely buy the game.
As i understand it, the bill just adds jail time (up to 5yrs) to existing laws. I think they care more about pirated streaming movies than game videos.
Yeah. Someone on FailTube mentioned that...i think.

As you said. it is aimed towards movies, shows, things of that nature. Just that...the bill has funky wording that sounds like it applies everything in general, or in this case vidya gaem vidyaz. The vidya maker said he has no problems with the bill (aimed towards streaming movies, shows, yadda-yadda). It is just that the bill needs a better choice of words (for lack of a better term).
This is a bit of bullshit. What do they want with this? Half the world in prison? Lol, this proposal is just to laugh at. Soon nothing is legal no more...

Many things get forbidden, real sad how it goes now.
And another thing? What if NES console or SNES console will be extinct? You won't get to play these game no more.

Once again, it's ridicilous. I can understand of games from these years that let's plays or longplays should be forbidden. But games from the 80's or not 90's not. As they're almost to extinction.
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