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Just a few requests to make into Longplays

If somebody wants to, they can do a longplay of any Harvest Moon game in the series. You can speed through it a bit. As for the Girls, you can choose at least one, or make seperate videos to of the Girls cut scenes without show the game over and over again.

Longplays of the Rune Factory series would be nice. May not be much of an issue. Again girls can be made into seperate videos of cutscenes. Or you can do it with just one girl per game, whatever is your favorite.

Would be nice to see longplays of other SNES "Gaia" series games. The first is Soul Blazer and the other is Terraneigma. But are Zelda like games.

Also this is sort of a challege or dare. Maybe someone can do more longplays of games the Anger Video Game Nerd reviewed. Just be careful not to go insane or anything like the Nerd.

That is pretty much it. Look forward to more Longplays.
At least the Harvest Moon series have an ending. Dunno about Rune Factory, but I am going to assume it too has an ending.

I forgot all about the Gaia series. What about Illusion of Gaia, yo?

As for other gaemz reviewed by AVGN: what others are we missing?
No Ghostbusters. No Goonies (unless I am thinking Irate Gamer). There might be more
Illusion of Gaia is already a longplay, just the two others have not been made into longplays

I guess for the Anger Videogame Nerd (AVGN), you can check on youtube for some of the reviews and his official site (shown in the video reviews). But I feel kind of bad for those who want to take the challenge, they will need alot of patience, skill and have enough sanity to not go completly crazy.

I think there should be endings for Rune Factory games, maybe at least one for the 3rd one.
Didn't see Illusion of Gaia. ^^;
I don't look at the list too often.
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