Is a dual Long Play allowed?

Last updated on 12 years ago
Using SNES9xK or P64K or possibly MAME32K is it allowed for there to be a long play with 2 people like maybe a CO-OP longplay that would be sweet to have a second player with NBA Jam Tournament Edition.
Then these games wouldn't exist on this site:
Jurassic Park: The Chaos Continues
Twisted Metal 4(?) Co-op
Pirates of Dark Water
Final Fight 3

Pretty much anything done by Ravenlord (and Deltax-something [d]but he is irrelevant. >:3[/d]. I forget his/her/its name. Dun hurt me, Delta-san. D:)

In short: yes, co-op is okay. Hell, it is encouraged if you ask me. This site NEEDZ moar Co-op. I could do some (always wanted to do Darius Twin co-op. ), but I dun know anyone ([d]Well, there's Valis77 who is a possible candidate. For the record: Cham >>>>> Valna. kthx[/d]. Plus, there's a MAJOR difference in timezone.)

Fun fact: Snes9x rerecording has Netplay as well. I tried it myself by using my iMac and a laptop.
yeah, during my early times on this forum, I asked for a coop playthrough of Aero Fighters for the SNES, and recently from Tsunao (P2) and Gembu (P1), that's what we've got
I can do Darius Twin with you we just have to make arrangements about day and hour and that, because we don't live in the same timezone
Sic Parvis Magna
Actually, Co-op Longplays are a very good idea, but sadly, I have no one close to play with me.
Do what Lemmy556 did with CJ's Elephant Antics :P
i r offended im avalible
@Kimu-kun : What would you like to play maybe we can make some agreements :)
Sic Parvis Magna


Ravenlord wrote:
@Kimu-kun : What would you like to play maybe we can make some agreements :)

I haven't thought of that yet - and if I'll do any Co-Op longplays, I'll need more experience.
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Sure! Go! Go! Go!
Play long and prosper!
Don't worry silross, you're not bothering me in the least.
I haven't used MAME in ages. I'll ask one of my colleagues for advice.
Play long and prosper!
I dont see why it would be a problem to do a 3 player longplay as long as you dont play it via online play - the reason for that is - when playing online the emulator drops alot of frames in order to keep in sync - so the recording will end up only being 20fps or less instead of 60fps!

As for best Mame version thats hard to say, try MamePlus maybe.
All the Arcade longplays i did were done with FinalBurn Alpha Shuffle as it was the only arcade emu with Re-Recording support.
Only problem is it doesnt support as many games as Mame!
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