Do you think that video games are the waste of the life?

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I want to ask it though it contradicts the intention of this site.
I say "Yes" unless you actually have something to do (I know I don't.)
Even though some say "Yes", I just can't resist them. They're so fun and enjoyable!
Of course they are! Just about everything that is fun is...
Better to have quality time playing games, than sitting at home and ranting how boring it is, i hate people who said that they are bored, modern world is full of great opportunities (thousands of hobbies) , how anybody could say that he is bored
Sic Parvis Magna
Of course games are not waste of time! In my opinion everything that you enjoy and makes you happy is not wasting your time! I do not care if other people say it is wrong to play games, just that they do not want to play games that does not mean that all people should not enjoy them. :)

However if you neglect all other things in order to play a computer games ... well this is is bad :D But at the end there is nothing wrong with playng computer games as there is nothing wrong with watching TV, playng sports or going out with friends. Just a matter of view point and preference :)
Games are absolutely not the waste of life. Not only are they fun and great passtime activities, they build up traits such as puzzle solving skills which in turn sharpens one's mental capability. Other games are education oriented meaning you actually pick up a couple of things. So no. They are not.
i must say everyone here is taking this question better than i would have thought. the minute i saw the topic i thought "troll alert". as to the topic, there are far worse waste's of life out there. games are more interesting and far less destructive than say gang violance or smoking and or drinking, and then theres war. so yeah games are cool.
games gives refreshment for tired mind .SO according to me video games are do not the waste of the life.
Woah, getting into the serious stuff. Probably no more a waste of life than any sport. Sportmen can claim at least it gives them exercise, but I think video games can be mentally stimulating and energizing and good for self-confidence. I used to play games before I had to go to school or work or some other challenge.
Not necessarily, but it does depend. From my personal point-of-view, I would say that playing video games does have it's significant advantages. I can tell you that there is nothing better than sitting down and playing video games after a stressful day, I feel like it does relieve me from stress, knowing that I can accomplish something (in-game). Playing Puzzle games like Tetris on a daily basis is supposed to stimulate the brain, from what I've heard. Most importantly, video games provide entertainment, entertainment equals fun, fun equals happiness. So yeah, go figure.

All in all, playing video games is not a waste of life, in my opinion. All the best, --Totilix.
Games are addictive yes, and could be detrimental if you have something more important to do. But they are great destressers. My dads not a fan of games, but he's happy I'm using them to destress rather than drugs or alcohol. Plus, I think addiction is an inescapable human ailment. People need to be addictive to something to know that there is something that will make them feel good in life. Depending on what that thing is could make or break someone's life. I'm personally glad it's video game, since I've had tons of fun, and met tons of like minded people on the way.
I'm perfectly content being known as the guy who longplayed Sneakers.
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