The Ys games

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To be honest im kinda suriprised that no one has done a LP of any of the Ys games. i would definetly love to see atleast the PCengine games done namely Ys:Book I & II, and YS IV: Mask of the Sun.
Contributing to the thread:
You have a kazillion versions of Ys I & II (PCE, Genesis I think, DEFINITELY DS and PSP.) This is only the basic info. Don't want to go into detail.
Ys III I believe was released on SNES and Genesis (and TG or something). There also exists a remake named Oath in Felghana for PC and PSP (PC is Japan only. PSP got localized. Fun fact: PC Fan translation = Localized translation. That's right. The localization team asked one of the translators or something of the PC version or whatever for permission to use the translation.)
Ys IV has like two 'em, but only one is canon (Mask of the Sun; the non-canon one is Dawn of Ys).
Ys V is Japan only. I THINK there's a translation somewhere.
Ys VI (Ark of Napishtim) was released on PS2, PC, and PSP.
Ys VII (or rather, Ys Seven) is PSP only.

I COULD do some of them, mainly PSP Oath, PSP Ark (even though it is inferior to the other 2 versions) and Ys Seven (I'm sorta far in Seven. Last thing I remember was going to an island and seeing the last dragon or some sh.)
Glad to see the good ones might be done atleast well maybe except for the PSP version of Ys VI which is fine too.
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