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Amiga gaemz go to RAG.

Everyone prefers other characters. Example: I don't like Terra, who is a strength-oriented character, on Birth By Sleep because he is too slow. I don't like Ventus, a speed-oriented character, because he is too weak. I like Aqua better (magic is better anyway).

And why ScHlAuChi to do games? There are other people, y'know? :3

Some games were already requested (Point Blank, though the request was generic, Knights of the Round, Raiden, Giga Wing, DeathSmiles). Request something else.

And I REALLY doubt someone over here will do DeathSmiles, seeing as it is a shmup (not many people play shmups) and the only games people play on CrapBox360 are Halo, CoD, Street Fighter, and MvC3 (well, FPS and TPS shooters in general with online). If I had DeathSmiles (and a PVR), I would probably do it (and Trouble Witches Neo).
I said one request post per month!
As you already had one in August and just did another even tho i told you NOT to, i should really ban you from posting for a while.

Instead i will take this as your request post for september!
So if you post yet another request BEFORE october we really have no choice but to block you from posting, because you repeatedly ignored our requests to stop doing so!

Our patience is not endless!

I wanna request Sonic The Hedgehog 4.
One request per month? I can understand 1 request per week or even 3 requests per month but 1 request/month is too little. I've already slowed down my requests so I'm not spamming the fourm as much ScHlAuChi. Ah well, guess I'll have to add requests on the same post so I don't get blocked. Sorry for getting you upset.
You can update your existing post, but you can't add a reply, as that will automatically cause the thread to resurface.
Shameless bump. This one is free, but the next is not.

Besides, how useful is an endless list of requests? Do you really think that more requests will make it more likely for them to get fulfilled? More like the opposite actually.

Stop requesting and start recording already!
Play long and prosper!
I'm already in the middle of recording one game but I've reached a dead end there. Also, I don't have the time or the patience to do relatively long playthroughs.
Fortunately, I'm getting a new laptop so I might use it to record Rail Chase 2.
Alright Tsunao, if it'll make many people happy for Knight of the Round, ScHlAuChi or T-0815 can do a playthrough as Lancelot- he is the fastest character and well suited for beginners since the game favors maneuverability.
I have fighting vipers for the arcade but with spam of losses. Thanks to editing i have it down packed nicely
If you don't know don't guess. - ArchMage (Gargoyles)
I'd like to see a no loss video.
well thats rare but in fighting vipers you will see one. :P
If you don't know don't guess. - ArchMage (Gargoyles)
ScHlAuChi, I wonder if you can netplay with T-0815, is he in your country or too far away for a netplay?
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