PSO Blue Burst (PC)

Last updated on 11 years ago
This was being discussed in the shoutbox, but I thought I'd make it an official request here.

I'd like for someone to play through Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst for the PC. I want it to be this version because it's the most updated, most complete version of both first episodes of PSO that exists, followed by the Xbox version, which is what this is a port of.

Although any playthrough would be nice (perhaps even a demonstration of all classes), the preference is a FOrce character, my personal choice being a FOmar so that the person playing can have a little survivability in the beginning, not to mention not look like a foppish character like the FOnewm is.

Thank you very much.
IIRC the Xbox and GC versions (Episode 1 & 2) would have been the easiest to deal with over Blue Burst. I'd really love to see a BB playthrough...but it was online only, so short of some kind of "I'm running my own private server" or joining someone else's private server... I've never caught an offline patch to the game (or at least one that worked for me). - mind you BB has the same issue as PSU episode was server only. x.x I still cry inside about that...

I'd still love to see BB episode 4 myself though. I never did get enough of it x.x
Then the person playing can play it on the SCHTHACK private server.
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