How to record and send videos to the site?

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Greetings to all!

I'm new to forum and a fan of old games, watching videos on youtube [long gameplay], I would like to send some videos that I have here some games played by me, but do not know how to record the video, all my games are in the form of "input" in MAME, I appreciate anyone who can help ... Congratulations on your site!
wrong section
Please tell me what the correct session!
Read the Sticky Topics and if you have questions come to our IRC chat :)
I don't think it is the wrong section. The person is asking for support.

But the sticky don't cover games recorded in MAME...I think. =X
To make videos from MAME, you have to play the input file and output a video recording using .bat command.

Copy this into Notepad or something and save it as a .bat file (Save As... -> Change "Save type as..." to "All Files" -> Add ".bat" to the end of the file name.)

Assuming you are using Mame

mame romsetname -pb * -aviwrite *.avi

Change "romsetname" to what the rom set is called. Go to the MAMEdb to find that. Example: Darius Gaiden's rom set name is "dariusg". For the input file (*), change "*" to what the input file is. As for AVI Write, replace * with whatever you want the file name to be. It HAS to have .avi at the end.

Example for when I will do Darius Gaiden:
mame dariusg -pb dariusgaiden -aviwrite Gaiden.avi

After that, run the bat command and mame should load up, the input should play, and when you close the emulator, the AVI file should be in the "snap" folder. Don't worry if the emulator is slow while recording. The AVI file will be normal.

If you want to edit the .bat command file, open by Right-clicking and choosing "Edit".

If you want to make an input file, just use something like this:
mame romsetname -rec *

Change * to whatever you want the input file to be called.
mame dariusg -rec sally

Oh, and as commandah said: Come to the IRC! We won't bite. :3 (well, ScHlAuChi might, but I won't...or will I?)
The post was originally in the Request section... I moved it to the support section :-)
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