Wizard 101

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I would like to do a let's play of Wizard 101 to try my first longplay if not that's okay. I hope I will get to do this.
I doubt you can do a longplay of any game with your commentary. But you might be able to do Wizard 101, just like @kireev20000 did Everquest 2.
Sure, feel free to do it, but come to our IRC chat before you start :)
I have some hints if someone wants to do W101:

-Make sure you have a wand to cast 0 pip attack spells- useful for breaking weakness and the foe's shield without wasting pips.

-If a foe has a positive ward (shield), don't cast one hit spells or traps on him unless you can pierce or shatter (myth) or steal (ice) ward. Instead use a 3 round attack spell on that foe.

-Avoid unnecessary fights as they provide little xp and gold compared to quests. You should go for foes that are targets for some quests. You should especially avoid foes that match your school if you can- most of them are resistant to your school of spells.

-If your wizard's school is elemental (fire/ice/storm), you should choose a spirit school (myth/life/death) and vice versa. That way, you have shields that protect you from a variety of attacks. It is recommended that you only choose one of main schools (fire/ice/storm/myth/life/death/balance) as a secondary school to spend training points on so you can access your secondary school's best spells.

-Train your pets at Pet Pavilion, as when they grow in age, some may provide you with benefits such as increased stats or spells.

PS: I played as an Ice Wizard (Thaumaturge) and I have some experience in the game. These hints are how I played the game.
why dont you lp w101 kieth? :)
I don't have the time or patience to do very long games. I'm usually too busy with other things such as college classes Mon-Wed and tutoring.
...And asking other people to do longplays.
AMReese, I did record Rail Chase 2. Just didn't have time to upload it.
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