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I have a request (well, 2 requests). I'd like to see longplays of Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess AND Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. It would be awesome to see a 100% completion of both, not JUST a playthrough
I will work on Skyward Sword in a few days. I'm trying to beat it so I know what to do (I'm nearing the end anyway). I will try to get: all Goddess Cubes, all Heart Pieces, all Gratitude Crystals, all Bottles. I may or may not show upgrading.

Twilight Princess, I will NOT do. The Wii version is the inferior version anyway. Oh, I never played it before.
Fun fact: Twilight Princess is a Gamecube game. The Wii version is a port. Thus, it isn't an actual Wii Zelda game.
Hi i am new here,but i want request you to make the walkthrough of the game Ju-on The Grudge and maybe Manhunt 2.you can make it?
I would appreciate it, and love to see a playthrough by someone who knows what they're doing. Watched a blind playthrough on YouTube by some egghead who didn't seem to know squat about ANY Zelda game, much less Skyward Sword. Wanted to see it, but spent the majority of my viewing yelling pointlessly at some idiot who couldn't hear me. He walked right by things, didn't thoroughly explore, didn't do any sidequests, didn't upgrade, nothing. He just did a blind dash for the end, getting bare minimums and dying several times. He ended up, eventually, beating the game with almost the exact same stuff he began with and only 13 or 14 hearts......was VERY frustrating..... So, I AM looking forward to YOUR playthrough very much. Thanks from all of us Die Hard Old School Zelda Fanatics. :)
......Also, I knew Twilight Princess was just a port. I actually did play it myself with my son on the Wii, though I used the guide beginning to end and maxed everything....(I was working a lot, time was limited, so I was trying to accomplish as much as I could as quickly as possible). It was a decent game. Would've been cool to see it again, but really have my heart set on Skyward Sword. It's probably the ONLY Zelda game in the series I didn't get within weeks of it's release. Got the first Zelda for a late birthday present when I was 7. Been hooked since. :)
14 hearts at the end with bare minimum equipment? Deaths? No sidequests? And this is why I don't do blind recordings. :3

I had 14 or 15 hearts (2 from Life Medals) and everything pretty much upgraded when I got to the Fire Sanctuary (maximum you can have at that point is 18, 2 from Life Medals). I will admit: I DID use a walkthrough, but only a little bit (Gratitude Crystal locations). Dungeon trekking and figuring out where to go was me figuring it out. There were some deaths (maybe like 4 or 5, and I usually don't die in Zelda games unless it is Zelda, Zelda II, and GB/GBC Zelda games.)

At the end of the game (with mainly help for Gratitude Crystals and maybe a few Goddess Cubes? Dowsing Cubes FTW anyway), I had pretty much everything except for 4 Heart Pieces (I knew where they were. It was just a pain. 3 of them are minigame Heart Pieces while one is from Boss Rush. Apparently, Rickety Rollercoaster Heart Piece was REALLY easy.) I was missing one Dowsing Target, but that would be irrelevant.

This is my progress so far:
19 Hearts (and 3/4 Heart Pieces obtained. I know where the last one is), 2 Goddess Cubes missing (they are in plain view anyway), all equipment upgraded except for Capacity Items (they are irrelevant), missing one Bottle (I know where it is), and 2 more Gratitude Crystal sidequests. Oh, and I do show upgrading, but I don't show the task of getting treasures to upgrade them (but I do grab some along the way pre-Lanayru Mining Facility)

There are some moments where I derp'd and had a few close encounters with death. The near-deaths were me not leading enemies and opening a weakness (electricity attacks. -_-), being reckless with bombs (friggin' Electric Chu-chus) and triple Beamo room in the Sandship. -_-
tl;dr: more than 14 hearts and THEN SOME! at the end on my first playthrough (clocked 45 hours), everything obtained, derp moments in the longplay, I know how to navigate the dungeons, and a few derp moments in and out of dungeons, like sorta getting lost and The Imprisoned pushing me off of a cliff and getting back up. -_- I'm only human. ;)
Just by THAT description, you've done better than the fool I saw. Don't get me wrong, from what I saw in his playthrough, there are a few hairy spots where death is almost inevitable. (i.e. the multiple fights with the imprisoned) He just seemed to die in the most innocuous of places. Also, I've never been one to knock a guide or walkthrough. For me, it's almost OCD with the way I feel about completing my own games, and I might do a dry run at first, and then 3/4 through, go back and start a new game and use the guide. When I was a kid, before my Mom actually bought me the first Zelda, she used to rent it for me. I would rely solely on a previous renters saved game. Still being very new to it (I was 7), getting it home and finding a fair amount of it done was a real boost to my experience, as I could backtrack through some of the dungeons using the better weapons and items and get a feel for what to expect. Learned then, the hard way, the most important part of Zelda games is exploration. If you look long and hard enough, you'll find everything you need, and a few things you don't but are cool anyway. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see a seasoned player's playthrough!
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