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Hello! The name's WhiteBladeZero, from YouTube. But you can call my WhiteBlade for short.

I joined these forums cause it was suggested that I do after I asked if Paper Mario and/or The Thousand-Year Door were done, which they aren't as of yet. Apparently when I said that I'd gladly contribute Longplays of those two games, that must have gotten cubex55's attention or something (or whoever runs that channel).

Fortunately for me I can play both games on my Wii without much trouble, and my Dazzle capture device can give out good quality, too. And before you ask, no I do not have any emulators and I do not want to use them.

I'm planning on completing both games 100% since I think that'll increase the challenge (or maybe not since I've got guidebooks for both games, lol).

So, I've heard that the videos will have to be recorded at a certain setting or something-or-other. However, I don't know what those settings are or I don't understand them. Can anyone give me any pointers?

one pointer: DONT WEAR A DRESS!
If you want to prove yourself...First you must complete the task you're given. - Auron (Final Fantasy X)
Dazzle wont be good enough unfortunately :(
A "Dazzle DVC 170 Platinum" won't be enough? What do you suggest, then? I also have a Hauppauge HD PVR, but we've been having trouble getting it to work properly.
Hauppauge HD-PVR is the way to go :)
We can help you in our IRC chat with problems :)
I'll try to keep that in mind. :P
Hello I am legogamesfun from youtube but you can call me luka I live in serbia but just one question do I need VLC Player to download longplays
hi, welcome on forum.... I hope we can have great time together here, sharing about games... :)
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