The Man! The Myth! The Legend! It's InfiniteCombos!

Last updated on 10 years ago
Since it has been close to a year since I joined this website and it has had it's share of fun times and terrible times. Example: This past week me and Schlauchi got into this really big argument (Ironclaw wanted to join for fun I guess). Example of fun times: Being able to play the favorite games that most of us grew up with!

I am going to do a little FAQ on me, myself, and (Irene) I.

Q: What is an Infinite Combo?
A: In Mortal Kombat there is a combo called a "juggle" where you keep them in the air and if the conditions are right then you could keep that person in the air until you mess up or you defeat the opponent. Sometimes its not always a juggle though.

Q: Why did you pick the name InfiniteCombos?
A: Back when I was a wee little MK scrub can't even do a 3 hit combo and picked Scorpion and tried my heart out to catch the opponent with the spear. There came a time that I met some awesome people through my travels in UMK3 for XBLA. One of those being a relatively famous UMK3 player. Actually 2 of them. They hated each other so much but both of them was on my friends list (I am starting to go on a tangent here.) Anyways... I had one guy teach me something called an "Infinite Combo" and it was Stryker's midscreen infinite. After learning that I begin to learn Stryker's corner infinite. This all happened in the year 2009(?) (2009 or 2008). In the years to come I would learn more infinite combos such as; Kano's corner grab infinite, relaunches, Shang Tsung's Ground Eruption infinite, and Kung Lao's Mid Screen and Corner infinite. Eventually I wanted a new Gamertag from C20H25N3O (The chemical compound of LSD/Acid...The drug. ) I went to type in quite a few new Gamertags one of them being (If you are from USA you are gonna find this quite funny!) Arbys Value Menu (which I later made into a silver account so I can say I have that gamertag :)) The last gamertag I tried was Infinite Combos and it was not taken. The rest is history :).

Q: Do you play anything else?
A: Oh yes I do! I have over 100 Xbox Live Arcade Games! I play anything I can get my hands on and try. My top 5 favorite games are as follows. 1. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. 2. Galaga. 3. Tetris. 4. Limbo 5. Call of Duty.

Q: What is the purpose of this post?!
A: I came here roughly a year ago! And wanted to give everyone a little bit of background of who I am for my 1 year anniversary!

Q: Favorite song?
A: Chicane- So Far Out To Sea

Q: Favorite Movie?
A: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Q: What is your actual name?
A: I actually love my last name! It is very very very unique! But I will only give out my actual name to make something mine but my name is J. Poulisse.

I hope every that knows me on here (The usual IRC people) learned a little bit more about me and I hope you guys who enjoy my longplays learned a little bit about me!
Happy B Day : D
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