Super Mario Sunshine Longplay

Last updated on 10 years ago
Can someone do a longplay of Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube, please?
Already on Tsunao's massive list recently posted a couple of days ago. If the game is not on the list, you may post the request, as long as it's recordable.
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I love super mario sunshine! (Even if i've only played 20 minutes of it) I would love to longplay that game, but i don't have a Wii :(
Metal Gear! uhhggg
Indeed it is. Haven't seen that list before...
Super Mario Sunshine was for the GameCube, not the Wii (though I believe it can be played on the Wii).
It has to be played on the Wii because Gamecube doesn't have component cables(?). Wii does do component so all Gamecube games has to be played on the Wii(?)

(?)= Not sure
All Wii before mid-August 2011 ("horizontal" Wii) can play GameCube games. I THINK the newer ones can read a GC disc, but you won't be able to play it because there are no GC ports. Technically, a 2011 Wii CAN use GC controllers and memory cards, but you have to mod it.


Haven't seen that list before...

I made the list about a year ago. I deleted it because it kept getting ignored when people posted requests for a game that was on the list. I decided to revive it.


Gamecube doesn't have component cables

There are GC component cables. Besides, the majority of GC games support progressive (I only seen three that done so far: Falsebound Kingdoms, Lost Kingdoms, and Lost Kingdoms II.). It wouldn't make sense to make a game that supports progressive but no way to enable it. =P

On topic: I sorta had thoughts on doing it (and other GC games. I recently beat Lost Kingdoms II.) I will see where this goes.
Yesterday I've seen the list. Took me forever to notice what that "HUEG" supposed to mean.

By the way, I'm gonna check out what games have already been recorded. I know that there is AT LEAST 1 game already recorded (The Punisher)...
Super Mario is a awesome game.I like it and used to play regular.

thanks for sharing.

virtual numbers,
vpn access
this game i would love to see
I love super mario sunshine is absolutely an amazing game. Even I have not played it much. But playing it for those few hours was an awesome experience.
very very nice game and when i am 12 years old i play this game too much and always i pass all the stages of this game...
Let us use the CTRL F and find the game that we like it might be annoying for the mods to answer questions over and over again
That has nothing to do with this thread...
Metal Gear! uhhggg
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