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Hello everyone! I'm the uploader of those old Living Books computer games on YouTube known as ARemoteAndRandomName (named ARemoteName here due to space limits). If you haven't heard of them...well, you probably weren't a kid living in the 90s. They're basically among the earliest forms of interactive e-books, and were wildly successful at the time of their releases. I didn't plan on finding ways to back those videos up, but now that I'm facing copyright issues, I decided coming here would be the best way to preserve longplays of those games. I had feared copyright issues from the very beginning, thus the reason I use an undercover name. Truth be told, my YouTube channel isn't entirely all my own. It's actually collaborative, so I do not own all the games uploaded there. Anyway, I'm hoping this is a good secondary site for me, now that I have the comfort that even if a longplay gets taken off, it's safe on archive.org. I hope to enjoy this stay!
Welcome to our website stranger.
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hi... i don't know those games.... can you give me one as a try?
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